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The One Solution to Put an End to Public vs. Private Schools Debate

The economic climate is in a state of uncertainty as of late. This is a happening that does not only occur on state level but also on global scale. And you would be wrong to think that this condition only affects certain sectors of industry because as a matter of fact, the tumultuous nature of today’s economic climate affects pretty much everyone and everything in this world. Even the riches are greatly affected by this, the only difference being they still have stronger basis to repair any damages occurred to their life. You, on the other hand, might not be as lucky. The effects of economic uncertainty might affect you in a way that it takes time for you to recover. Everything is priced unreasonably high today. Groceries, gasoline, utility bills; everything essential to your life happens to also be the thing greatly affected by the fact that it is impossible to predict the stability of the economy. If you think that just because the essentials are, well, essential to your life, you could not be any more wrong. Just look at school tuition these days. Oh yes; parents all around the world are screaming because their kids’ school tuition is at a level where it is nearly impossible to reach. Student loans are not even that helpful. Once you apply for a student loan for your kid, you have subjected him or her to the kind of debt that might not be escapable. See, this is important; you need to think about how you can still afford a good school for your kids without sacrificing anything in the process. Chief among all factors you need to take into consideration is the age-old battle of public versus private schools. It is important that you choose the right choice as this means a lot to help pave the way to the kid’s future. explains this matter quite in-depth. But the gist is that there seems to be a commonly believed view among people that says that private schools have the upper hand over the public ones. With or without economic instability factoring into the global monetary situation, the tuition of private schools is already costly. Private schools are established without intervention from the government and as such, they tend to be all about making profits. In addition, lack of subsidies from the government is also another reason why their fee is too over the top.

The high rate of tuition for private schools make them regarded as the best because people tend to think that expensive equals higher level of quality. But that is not always the case in this matter. This is what should be changed: the belief that to pay more is to get better education. Now, ask this to yourself: why do you pay a crazy amount of money for something that otherwise could be afforded for less? Affordable does not always mean poorness in quality. In the case of public schools’ affordability, it is because they are government-organized. They earn their money partially from the government—simple as that.