10 Tips on How to Prevent Novel Coronavirus

Novel Coronavirus is the biggest threat faced by humanity in the last century. For a country like ours where millions of tourist visits every year from all around the globe are highly at risk. Currently, we have seen numbers declining and the premier of victoria just gave a statement that currently they have zero cases of novel corona in the state and they are reopening. But this freedom comes with many precautions and preparation for a covid normal Australia. In order to maintain Covid free Australia, we need to take safeguard as well, here are some useful tips on how to prevent the coronavirus.

10 Tips on How to Prevent Novel Coronavirus

We have seen how cases could hike in a few days all over Australia even with all those precautions. Health care workers and the government is trying their best to handle this situation but we as a citizen could help them too. Here are some of the easiest and common ways to stay away from coronavirus.  

  1. Wash Your Hand

Coronavirus spreads rapidly from the hand and that’s why WHO and even the Australian department of health also provided public health advice on washing hands and hygiene. Washing hands with soap or sanitizer with 60% alcohol can kill Novel coronavirus. Make sure to wash your hands every time you go out or every time you touch anything else. 

  1. Wear a Mask

The easiest solution to prevent the spread of coronavirus is to wear a mask. Creating a homemade mask is easy and everyone is advised to wear one and not those which are meant for healthcare workers. Wearing a mask can stop the spread and protect you and your loved one from the virus. A homemade mask with multiple covers can stop the spread of Covid-19 and make sure to clean the mask after use. This mask is reusable which is better than others. If you are buying a mask from elsewhere, make sure that they are certified sellers.  

  1. Avoid Close Contact

Coronavirus spreads by close contacts and the only way to stop that is to avoid contact with everyone or at least keep 6 feet distance. Avoid a big crowd and public gatherings and always keep a physical distance between two people. Avoiding close contact can reduce the case number and spread of the virus faster. Social distancing is the new normal and we need to follow it with vigilance.

  1. Disinfect Surface

We cannot avoid some surfaces from touching like doorknobs or elevator buttons or at the office like a desk or electronic equipment. Always disinfect with soap water to clean the surface or use disinfector like bleach or alcohol solution with 70% v/v. It’s not possible to clean all the surfaces but we can at least clean our house and offices, so we don’t need to be cautious around these familiar places.

  1. Avoid Traveling

We can disinfect surfaces at home and offices and keep the distance but while traveling, we have to be in a close environment with strangers. Not everyone follows the Covid-19 guidance and if someone is sick they wouldn’t know they could spread the virus. Make sure to wear gloves and a mask while traveling with extreme caution. Currently, we are opening our borders domestically and internationally so that we can go back to the normal lifestyle. Make sure to follow all the guidelines while traveling and take precautions. 

  1. Cover coughs and sneezes

Novel coronavirus spreads from coughing and sneezing and it’s important to cover the face. Use the elbow to cover the face or tissue and always throw away the tissue and washcloths after. 

  1. Don’t Touch Your Face

One of the hardest things to do is not to touch the face. Coronavirus can spread from the hand to face or gloves to face or mask to hand. Make sure to avoid touching your face and always wash your hand before using a mask and clean the mask after using it.

  1. Monitor Your Health

Coronavirus has a different incubation period which means if anyone has the virus, they won’t even show any outside symptoms. Always take temperature and make sure you do not have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or any other symptoms of Coronavirus. Monitor the temperature if it rises and never takes temperature after running or exercising.

  1. Quarantine 

If you are feeling sick and have all the symptoms then quarantine yourself immediately. If taking the corona test is not possible right away then keep yourself away from others and wear a mask.

  1. Coronavirus Updates

Always stay updated with local news of coronavirus. Sometimes the government would lock down the area with few hours of notice or there would be a new outbreak nearby, make sure to watch the news and stay updated.

The only way to prevent corona is to be cautious and self diligence. Make sure to follow all the safety cations and clean your house and office space. Always buy Corona essentials from verified sellers like Callaghan health care and read the description before using it. Coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire all over the world and we can stop this at home by following simple rules and save ourselves and our loved one. Always get your news from official channels and don’t believe in false news and rumors. If you heard something which might affect you, check the internet and find the source and make sure its correct information before passing on.      

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