Commercial Cleaning Retford

16 Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips for Commercial Cleaning Retford

In the current pandemic situation, commercial cleaning Retford has become more important. Cleaning can help in maintaining the health of the employees, minimises virus and increase the productivity level. Below are some tips that can help with commercial cleaning and make the process quick.

16 Quick And Easy Cleaning Tips

Focus on the Floors 

You need to scrub your floor on a regular basis to get rid of soils and ensure to re-coat them to give them extra protection. 

Focus on the Carpet

Never delay cleaning the carpets during and after the winter months. The carpets are the perfect place for dust, dirt and germs to accumulate. This, in turn, lowers the quality of the floor environment. You need to make sure you clean them thoroughly.

Break cleaning routine

Mostly cleaners clean the bathrooms, counters and fixtures in the same way. You can break this routine at least once in a while to make sure that the areas that are often overlooked get cleaned

Install mats

This trick has proven to be useful. Install 15 feet of thick mats inside each entrance. It captures the sand, ice melt and salt before it is tracked inside the main office area. It helps in keeping the facility cleaner.

Also, keep in mind to repair all cracks and chips. It is because these are the areas where the soil, dust and ice melt become trapped.

Clean computers and electronics

Dust all electronic equipment like computers and electronics. Further, you can have the technician clean the inside of the equipment and that too with a dry cloth. It also helps in extending the lifespan of the equipment.

Keep desks and counters clean

Cleaning and arrange the workspaces like desks and counters. Remove all the clutter and assist in improving the overall look of the facility.


Get all of your restrooms regularly sanitise to prevent the build-up of bacteria. 

Motivate employees to play their part

Employees can also play their part by wiping their feet before entering the office premises, washing mugs and dishes after they have used them. If they have accidentally spilt something on the floor or desk, they can clean it. This makes the work a lot simpler for the cleaners.

Clean the office refrigerator regularly 

The best way to clean it is to place an open box of baking soda on the shelf, eliminating odours and keeping it smelling fresh.

Organise the power cords 

 Another way to keep your office organised is to untangle and keep it in a proper way. Otherwise, it can lead to clutter and cause health hazards.

Wipe the photo frames and book-shelves

Do this with the damp cloth to remove the accumulated dust and them in good condition.

Clean interior windows

Do it with a squeegee and detergent

Use ‘green’ cleaning solutions

Always use eco-friendly cleaning products that are not harmful and cause allergic reactions. Also, it does not leave any harmful residues on the surfaces.

Exterior cleaning

Not only interior but the exterior of the facility needs to be cleaned too. This involves removing litter and dirt outside as well as maintaining the building architecture.

Clean cupboards and drawers

In the kitchen area clean all the cupboards and drawers thoroughly as they make a great breeding place for roaches and pests.

Ensure the water is running

You need to make sure that the water is running; otherwise, it can lead to blockages in the drainage system. Also, it can cause foul smells and inconveniences. 

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