Laptop Malfunction

3 Common Reasons That Contribute To The Laptop Malfunction

No matter how conscious and careful you are, a digital device can develop problems. Sometimes a malfunction can be repaired with a single DIY trick or sometimes you have to replace the entire system. Ranging from a laptop screen repair to a system update, always consult a professional instead of DIY.

Some common reason that could turn into a major problem are:

1: Slow speed

Do you have to wait for several minutes for a laptop to turn-on? Then there are several reasons such as

Overloaded Ram. This often caused when the user has saved a lot of data on the primary hard-disk. In addition to this, many programs opened simultaneously can cause RAM overload. To prevent this one can transfer the computer data to a secondary hard disk. Moreover, you can install an SSD card to enhance the system processor speed.

The next thing that contributes to the slow speed of the laptop is an outdated window. Hence it recommended to upgrade or update the windows.

2: Blue screen

It is the most common error that everyone has to face in the lifetime of a device. This is often caused by:

  • Recently deleted programs or resetting the laptop to an earlier point in time can cause a blue screen. If the issue is not resolved one can consult a professional for quick blue screen repair.
  • Another reason is having a corrupt system file on your hard drive. Hence it is always to people to acquire professional assistance instead of opting for DIY, as this could lead to further problems in the system.
  • Small storage space is another reason that contributes to the BSOD error.

3: Frequent Shut Down:

Have you ever been in a situation where your laptop shutdown automatically and asked to send or collect data to the manufacturer? Well, it is happening to me a lot. Other than this caused by the viruses, missing file and accidentally deleted software is one of the reasons that contribute to the frequent laptop shutdowns.

A laptop screen is one of the most fragile hardware than the motherboard and keyboard. A single pressure and hard touch can lead to laptop screen malfunction. So, if you are planning to buy a new laptop then why not give a professional a chance to take a look at your device.

4: Malfunctioned and Broken laptop:

Benefits of laptop screen repair:

  • Apart from improving the visual of your laptop, installing a new screen also saves money. First of all, it lasts longer and provides a better viewing experience.
  • Installing a new screen not only increases the quality of the device but also reassures the owner of the device is getting long-term durability.
  • There are many types of DIY tricks that one can use to repair the screen of a laptop. But if you don’t have any experience, then it is better to consult a professional to do it for you. Consulting professional benefits in several ways, first time-efficient results, and long-term durability.


Every smart device whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer prone to get damage. Sometimes the device passes its expiry date and sometimes the system failure, unintentional file deletion, space reduction, and system overloading can cause internal software errors.

However, external hardware such as motherboard, laptop screen, loose adapter port, USB port malfunction, and keyboard can replaced. But whenever you spot such problems, it advised to consult a professional. 

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