3 products that you must consider to keep your home clean

Home is where we spend most of our time. It is where we are truly ourselves, and most of the timeshare our spaces with our loved ones. But is it just a space we build to stay in? It is a place where values are nurtured, memories are created, and dreams are built. When the space is this important, it is imperative that we keep it clean and healthy.

Living in cities, where life is fast-paced and time is crunched, pollution, dust, germs and debris creep into this precious space. Keeping our family healthy and safe has turned into a priority over the last eighteen months given the pandemic situation.

Home Indoor air quality and its importance:

A very important aspect of this, which we often ignore is the air quality of our indoors. Did you know that the air quality of our indoor spaces greatly affects our overall health? Not only are a lot of diseases airborne, but stale air can cause damage to our health.

Studies show that polluted air can increase the risk of heart disease, respiratory infections, affect lung capacity. Deteriorate the health of people with existing health conditions. It also has a direct effect on the overall immunity of a person. Cleaner air combined with the right diet and exercise can help improve circulation and lung capacity.

So how can you keep your indoor air clean? There are mechanical air ventilation systems and air purification systems that come to your rescue. Understanding a little about them can give you valuable insights into creating a safer, healthier space.

Smart cleaning:

We are all pressed for time today, with hectic work lives and long commute times. Finding household help is also a daunting task these days. The option is doing it ourselves either through traditional methods of broom and mop, or modern vacuum cleaners that have to be moved around.

Clean Air Filtration Systems:

These are systems or units that purify the air by filtration, that remove impurities, germs and pollutants. It also removes harsh organic smells through ultra-high efficiency filters and UV purifiers, protecting the space from radiation as well. These are usually stand-alone purifying electronic devices that you can purchase online or an entire system – that is a constructed, coordinated system between sensors, fans, ventilators, air conditioners, purifiers and filters.

Central Vacuum Systems:

These are energy-efficient, intelligent vacuum cleaning appliance system that is inbuilt into the space through ports in the walls. Tubing systems are installed inside walls that connect to a central collection space that is concealed or at a location like a garage or a basement. Ports or inlets are installed on the walls through switch-like settings. Where you can pull out the tube use it and let it into the wall after use. A power unit is also a fixed unit that supplies power to the entire home or in some cases the entire building.

Studies show that central vacuum systems improve the overall health of the inhabitants including addressing sleep disorders, allergies, and eye infections. These systems can be installed during the construction of the house or with a fair amount of civil work in existing buildings. Drainvac India is a great central vacuum system you should consider, that is noise-free and extremely efficient.

Today there are central vacuum cleaners for a house that can clean both wet and dry debris effectively, and does not even have the hassle of cleaning the dust bag as it is directly connected to the central trash chute or drainage.

Automated wet space cleaners:

These are vacuum cleaners that are designed to collect sediments and debris from swimming pools and tanks. These are fully immersible, cistern cleaners that work through a combination of suction and water pressure manipulation that can separate solid sediments from water. Modern automated cleaners even come with various set programs. Where chlorine and other chemical levels can be set and removed or even added. These can be used in standalone homes or residential units, as well as apartment complexes where swimming pools or large water storage tanks are present.

To conclude…

In our lives today filled with hustle, it is very important to keep our homes clean as it directly impacts our health. Due to paucity of time. We may not be able to devote the same amount of time every day to cleaning activities. These products are efficient, automatic and effective – they make spaces better, cleaner and germ-free. Most of them require a one-time installation cost, and can be customized to suit Indian households, offers a senior executive who deals with fresh air ventilation systems for homes.

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