3 Things That You Can Expect from Online Therapy

Ever since the pandemic has hit us, we have all been trying to adjust to the new normal of living life. Wearing facemasks, following hand hygiene and most importantly practicing social distancing are some key measures to avoid getting contracted.

But for some crucial concerns such as keeping a check on mental health, social distancing can be a tough call. But Thank God for the availability of online therapy Singapore or any other location-based sessions, one can get essential help for mental health related issues.

However, before you seek online therapy from a professional and qualified expert, you must be aware of some of the essential things that you can expect from it. Continue to read till the end to learn all about it.

1.    Confidentiality

A safe space and a bond of trust is extremely important between you and your therapist. And confidentiality is a key element that builds the trust between you two. Keeping the information that you share with your therapist must remain between you and your therapist. That’s the ultimate rule.

Now, confidentiality in a professional’s clinic can be achieved as the setting for the clinic is set up keeping this element in mind. But achieving utmost confidentiality in online therapy can be tricky. Especially from your end.

It is extremely essential to establish a safe space in your home before you seek online therapy. Acquire a room that is private and where you talk to your therapist freely. Also, make sure to turn off the smart devices like “Alexa” or your phone’s smart assistant like “Siri” as these tech may acquire information even when they are not in use.

2.   Awkwardness

It is very much likely that you may feel awkward during the first few sessions of your therapy since seeing your therapist in-person is way different than on an online platform. So, don’t jump into conclusions and be alarmed when you and your therapist aren’t able to sync right away.

Give some time and let yourself adapt to this new way of seeking therapy. It is quite common to feel discomfort and think that online therapy isn’t your cup of tea. However, be easy on the process and try to keep an open line of communication with the therapist.

Soon, you’ll come past the awkwardness and adapt to this new way. Just like how we are slowly coping and adapting to the new normal of living.

3.   Technical Issues

Now, even with the best efforts put forward from both the ends, technical difficulty is something that can happen. When such a situation arises, it is pretty common that they would occur abruptly causing frustration.

This is why knowing what you can expect beforehand can help you prepare from all aspects. Remember to take a few deep breaths and try out ways with which you can get the issue solved promptly.


The above enumerated things are common and you can very likely expect when you seek online therapy Singapore or other location-based sessions. Despite the difficulties and change in approach, it is good news that we can get professional help from an expert therapist.