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3D Modeling Revolutionizing The Automotive Industry

The automobile sector is progressing, almost bursting out of the seams.

The analytical reports by Alix Partners show,

The global light vehicle sales volume will reach 114 million units by 2024.

Amid the whopping growth, there lies a constantly pressing need.

Environment-friendly design and production.

The production of green mobility is crucial for the planet’s survival.

Like the other industries, the automobile sector also embraces disruptive technologies to reshape and advance its production and business operation.

Among the other emerging technologies, 3D modeling has seized the attention of the global automobile giants.

Frost and Sullivan predict that the automotive 3D printing material market worldwide will grow by $576.5 million in revenue by 2024.

From Toyota, Volkswagon to Chevrolet, 3D modeling has found its way into the giant automobile manufacturing companies.

Let’s dive into the benefits a 3D modeling company in India can shower on the automotive industry.

Inexpensive and Effortless 3D Automotive Design and Prototyping

Earlier, designers used to spend time designing the prototype.

These days, designing automotive prototypes is a piece of cake for designers.

And it is possible for 3D car modeling.

The technology has opened up a broad scope for fast and inexpensive prototyping for the automobile industry. Automotive transportation manufacturing companies don’t need to invest in molding specialized machines to manufacture parts of vehicles. All they need to 

  • Gear up with 3D printing and modeling
  • Outsource their designing and prototyping requirements to a modeling company in India.

From the engine, load body, steering wheel, bumper to breaks, and corner panels, 3D modeling software turns designing prototypes into an effortless job.

We can take examples of Volkswagon and General Motors.

These two companies have embraced 3D printing and modeling to design automotive parts designing. 

In 2016, Volkswagon produced over 1000 machine tools and parts, saving $160,000. (The Drive)

General Motors have produced comparatively lightweight and durable automotive parts faster, armed with 3D models.

Undoubtedly, 3D model is a great way to proliferate outputs and subtract the unwanted costs associated with production.

Faster Designing Accomplishments

A complex ecosystem, and sophisticated software deployment, are the two most challenging aspects dominant in automotive design.

3D modeling can aid companies in lifting the challenging burden away. The design process is automatically accelerated when there is no potential challenge left.

Moreover, fast prototyping is the key to fast and successful automotive design. But, since 3D modeling and prototyping is not a cakewalk,

  • Automotive companies can establish a specialized 3D modeling team to handle the prototyping job.
  • Try not to involve the existing employees.
  • Companies should not involve 3D modeling professionals in day-to-day production and business operations.

There is another more straightforward way.

Automotive companies can accelerate their design activities by partnering with a 3D modeling company. A reputable company loaded with 3D modeling and prototyping professionals can help automotive companies yield a great outcome.

Automotive Customization To Win Buyers

Customization is a prominent way to hit the right chord of potential customers.

The idea of customization in automotive sector was not born yesterday!

Most people show a keen interest in enhancing their car exterior and interior. 3D modeling holds extensive commitment on this front.

With 3D printing and modeling software, the manufacturing companies can accomplish the customization. Car owners don’t need to rely upon the local mechanics.

  • Manufacturers can produce customized car parts within their plants.
  • Buyers can choose the design and order the custom parts from the manufacturing company’s website.

BMV has already initiated the production of customized car parts like side scuttles, LED door sills, Etc., for their customers.

A Better Way To Manage Supply Chain

Regardless of size, it takes numerous parts to build a car.

Most automotive manufacturers follow just-in-time manufacturing. It means all the parts arrive on the floor just before the assembly.

Companies source numerous car parts from suppliers worldwide.

It is clear that the supply chain serves as the backbone of the vehicle manufacturing industry.

There are specific challenges also:

  • The bulk production
  • data-heavy inventory management
  • The increased cost of spare parts
  • Transportation hazards
  • Spare-parts storage for moths

3D modeling is the saviour.

Designers can design the parts, store the design in digital format, and produce them on-demand.

There is no need to store the parts for months.

The inventory management expenses get reduced. The on-site parts production enables automotive manufacturers to handle the supply chain with the highest efficiency.

Join Hands With EDIIIE

Automobile manufacturers are under immense pressure.

They need to deliver superior models offering better milage within comparatively less production time and cost.

The battery-operated vehicles are on the verge of becoming the mainstream. From spare parts to the interior, changes are inevitable.

3D modeling can aid car manufacturers in facilitating their production and gaining a competitive edge.

As a reputable 3D modeling company, EDIIIE helps automotive companies to exploit 3D modeling technology, metaverse school and refine their production abilities. We offer the best and most efficient 3D product modeling services to accelerate design and prototyping.

Let EDIIIE help you to unleash the potential of 3D modeling technology.

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