4 Functionality To Look For In Best Free Online Storage For Videos And Photos

Because of the requirement for the best free online storage for videos, there are several providers offering the service. Because of so many providers, you are obviously going to be a little confused about the best service provider to opt for. To get you around here are certain aspects that you should pay special mind to while finding the best cloud based photo storage services, provider: 

Automated sync 

A lot of cloud storage services will provide you with synchronizing attributes, however not many will enable you to syn files in an automated way. A service provider with this functionality will update your files to reflect all modifications that you may have done. This gives you a feeling of solace as you realize that your information or data, is consistently up-to-date paying little heed to the device that you are using. 


Security is vital as you will never need your personal or business information to be compromised. Before you utilize the services of a provider you should take time to go through the provider’s terms of service. 

To make it certain that your data is protected you have to make sure that the provider encrypts your data before it leaves your servers. To be more secure it’s savvy that you go with a cloud storage service provider that lets you to, select your own encryption key. This prevents even the provider’s personnel to access your files. Moreover, the provider for the best free online storage for videos must let you protect your files with a secret password particularly while accessing your files from a smartphone device.


There isn’t anything as harassing as having technical troubles. On the off chance that you can’t access your business or personal files you not just waste time, you even squander money. To fix the issue as quick as possible you should go for a cloud storage service with a solid support system. 

To make it a breeze reaching the support desk, the service provider for the best cloud backup for photos, videos, and other business files should have numerous channels of accessing the desk. Notwithstanding the typical email and phone support, the provider must even provide the live chat functionality where you will “talk” with the provider rep. one-on-one. A basic feature you need to ensure is that the cloud storage service provider has 24×7 technical support.

File versioning

This functionality enables you to edit your documents without bothering about losing the original doc. The best thing with this attribute is that it doesn’t overwrite your old file, when you make alterations it saves the doc in multiple versions. While there are several cloud storage service providers that have this feature added, a majority of them permit you a limited number of versions. Others will delete the old files after a certain period.


For ensuring 100% satisfaction you should work with a cloud service prover that permits the files to last for a long time. Regardless of the provider will delete the old file, it must permit you to easily recover it.