4 Purposes Served Perfectly With Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are small metal made coins that look similar to a penny. It fits on the palm of a hand. However, challenge coins are made uniquely with metal and each coin represents a different sentimental value and represent different meanings.

An emblem, artwork or insignia is usually crafted in the middle of the coin. Typically, the motto of any organization or association is engraved around the coin edges. With the availability of customization different types of coins can be manufactured like the US Navy Challenge Coins and more.

Below we have listed some of the common purposes for which challenge coins are used.

1.    Recognition and Awards

Challenge coins are used in several award ceremonies. They are used as a token of recognition and appreciation for the incredible deeds performed in a situation. In most military award ceremonies, challenge coins are presented to the deserving individuals to honor and award them for their excellence.

They are also used to pay respect and honor the mark of a special day. In military organizations, receiving a challenge coin holds great value of pride and honor. It is a token of respect, appreciation and recognition.

2.   Membership

A challenge coin also serves the purpose of being a member of a specific organization. Often in the military, the members of a unit or a battalion have their own unique challenge coin that represents their affiliation to that organization.

As a matter of fact, in the past, challenge coins were used in the military as an item of security. The serving member would have to show their coin in order to prove their membership and loyalty to the unit.

However, such custom has faded over time, but even today membership to a unit is still a concrete military custom.

3.   Branding

In recent years, challenge coins are even used for the purpose of branding. The corporate world actively adopts the use of custom challenge coins for representing and giving an identity to their brand or logo.

You may see a company handing out custom challenge coins with their brand’s name and logo in a business conference or corporate events. Since there are many companies that believe the use of challenge coins is much more memorable than business cards.

Plus, challenge coins are a great alternative to the same old business cards.

4.   Identity

Challenge coins are used as a tool of identity and representation as well. With the use of customized challenge coins, unique designs and artworks can be created that gives a particular organization or club a unique identity.


Other than these purposes, challenge coins are customized popularly to serve varied purposes in our society. The modern tech and creative minds have given rise to a great number of challenge coins over the years that are unique from one another. While some of the past manufactured coins are still considered to be classic, the new ones are created on a regular basis. The popular ones like the US Navy Challenge Coinsare still famous and hold great value.

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