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4 Social Media Trending Gifts Online in India

These social media gift ideas are sure to please the Instagram addicts and Twitter addicts in your life. Social media seems to be taking over the planet. Brands use social media to connect with their customers; celebrities use it to reach out to their fans, and ordinary people share information about their personal lives in the hopes of receiving a comment from their digital peers. Social media has shrunk the globe and made it more available, and now that we’ve had a taste of it, there’s no turning back. Embrace, and most specifically, celebrate, your passion for different social media sites by gifting your friends and family with items ranging from hashtag ice makers to social media. You can send gifts online using various online web portals.

1.  Mobile phones

In addition to making phone calls, almost all smartphones today will have GPS instructions, take photos, play music, and keep track of appointments and contacts. The number of potential mobile uses multiplies by tens of thousands and grows longer every day as applications are installed.These phones are essentially mini computers. These smartphones, like laptops, run operating systems and have various programs for performing particular tasks. Each app is designed to perform a specific function. It is one of the most trending gifts online, as everyone wants a smartphone nowadays it has become a necessity that everyone requires. If you are in a different country but you want to send a gift to your loved one in India you can make use of the various web portals and send gifts to India.

2.  Social media-inspired décor

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine are only a few of the famous social media networks that influenced the Craftsquatch shop on Etsy to create this line of pillow accessories. Aside from mentioning several social networks, the amusing collection often pays homage to other internet trends with designs decorated with Google Chrome, Gmail, and Imgur logo motifs. These logos are imprinted on our heads as a sign of today’s youth.This personalized cushion range includes designs influenced by popular social media networks such as Pinterest and technical platform LinkedIn, as well as designs inspired by blogging site Tumblr and inspiring web platform Stumble. So, buy gifts online and surprise your loved one.

3.  Apparel of Emoji Expressions

Why not substitute facial expressions with emojis, which often replace words? You can now express a wide range of feelings without even wrinkling your forehead. Of course, this mode of speech works well if you set an overall tone for the day and stick to it. A word of caution: this could be better said than done. You should mix and match your emojis if you’re feeling particularly adventurous (or a slew of different ones all at once). Why not pair your blushing emoji tank with your surprising emoji tote, for example? Perfect for a chance encounter with your crush! Wear the emoji pride on your sleeve with this amusing collection of clothes and accessories!Order gifts online and surprise your media lover. 

4.  Keychains that are iconic

The Facebook Like button has come to embody positivity and support and having been widely embraced in contemporary discourse, it’s no wonder that this ubiquitous image should take the shape of a keychain. This helpful doodad, available from Animi Causa, will confirm that you have indeed found our keys. With dimensions of 5cm x 4.5cm, this accessory is wide enough to be easily found and retrieved from a complete bag. The very slim form, on the other hand, means that it isn’t heavy and that you can hold the Like Keychain easily in your pocket. Furthermore, the thumbs-up keyring is made of rubber, which ensures its flexibility. We can also get these keychains same-day delivery on which day we ordered them. 

Final verdict

These are the 4 social media trending gifts that are very famous in India. Make use of the above-listed gift ideas and order gifts online and stay safe during this epidemic.