4 Ways to Style Your Professional Hair Extensions for This Christmas

Just because Christmas parties are socially distanced this year doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort into looking nice and glammed up. Dress up for the holidays with professional hair extensions. These hairstyling ideas will get you into the holiday spirit for sure:

  1. Halo braid

Going for a neat yet elegant hairstyle? Try a halo braid for major angelic vibes. You may want to use a semi-permanent type of professional hair extensions, bobby pins, and hairspray to keep your halo in place.

  1. Waterfall braids

Beach wavy hair is not only the best style for summer but it can also be your go-to hairstyle for Christmas. If you want to make this look a bit different and more suitable for the holidays, braid the top part of your hair, creating a waterfall-like effect. Secure the braid using a bright and festive hair ribbon.

  1. Bejewelled side hairstyle

Having long bangs that are always in your face can sometimes be a nuisance when you are wrapping gifts and preparing Christmas dinner. Bobby pins are here to the rescue. These handy little hairstyling tools don’t just keep your hair off your eyes but they can also add sparkle to your crowning glory. To rock the look, simply secure your hair and hair extensions on one side using three or four bejewelled pins.

  1. Half-down look

This hairstyle is perfect for those who are blessed with thick hair. And if you don’t, no worries—you can always achieve that volume with professional hair extensions. This super chic hairstyle is super easy and will be done in a few minutes. Some waves can make it even more stylish.

Are having a Zoom Christmas party? You might think you can get away with cheap hair extensions. Nobody will really see them, right? Wrong. Cheap hair extensions have a way of revealing themselves. They don’t blend well with your natural locks and don’t look like real hair at all. It’s always a good idea to use professional hair extensions. Not only do they look more natural and blend seamlessly—they can also stand up to frequent use much better than cheap extensions. They won’t tangle easily even if you wear and style them in different ways.

About the Author:
Ms. Diane Mead is the customer services manager of hairxtensions.co.uk which sells 100% human pre-bonded nail-tip, stick tip, nano-tip, and micro loop extensions, clip-in sets, tape-in, wefts/weaves, aftercare products, removal and application tools and much more!

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