5 Best Hair-Growth Shampoos for Men and Women

Hi, friends today I will be telling you about some of the best anti-hair fall shampoos available in the market  as soon as people begin to notice that their hair is falling  they first go and search for a shampoo  which will stop their hair fall and in actual fact, the first line of treatment for hair fall should be a good anti-hair fall shampoo which not only strengthens the hair roots and cleans the scalp but also gets rid of mild to moderate dandruff If the cause of hair fall is not related to a nutritional deficiency or a disease than most people will see that their hair fall gets arrested simply by use of a good anti-hair fall shampoo.

All the shampoos listed here are specifically for controlling hair fall and because all these shampoos have been crafted for this purpose only that is why they are somewhat expensive compared to normal shampoos and you will find them only in medical stores or online shops like Amazon Secondly, these shampoos can be used by men, as well as women of any age groups and they are beneficial to both So I will list out the names of some good anti-hair fall shampoos in the market. 

All these shampoos contain caffeine which basically increases the circulation/flow of blood in the scalp and thus promotes hair growth caffeine basically reduces the effect of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on the hair follicles and thus protects the hair roots from weakening.  And also helps in hair growth. 

All these shampoos are also Alkali, SLS & Paraben free they also contain vitamins and oils like Argan Oil; etc which basically promotes hair growth amongst these, the first is Glenmark Pharma’s HAIR4U SHAMPOO this shampoo is infused with Caffeine, thus promoting hair growth. 

The next one is MAN MATTERS ANTI HAIR FALL SHAMPOO  this contains Biotin, Caffeine, as well as Argan Oil and it is also an SLS, Paraben & Sulphate free formula.  The next one is ALPECIN DOUBLE EFFECT SHAMPOO for hair loss and dandruff treatment this shampoo also controls dandruff, besides controlling hair loss and you can use this shampoo daily for washing your hair.  The fourth one on the list is SEBA MED ANTI HAIRLOSS SHAMPOO this is a soap and alkali-free shampoo and it also contains caffeine, as well as Gingko Biloba, extracts It is a bit expensive, but it is worth the money the next one is MILDY AHF ANTI-HAIR FALL SHAMPOO by Intas Pharma this is also a good product made by a Pharmaceutical Company.

The one point I want to bring to your attention is that all these shampoos are a bit expensive and will be available only in Medical stores or online stores like Amazon.  Now the question will arise in your mind that if coffee successfully prevents hair from falling out then can’t you simply prevent hair loss by drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day?  Unfortunately, the answer is “No” and in order to get the same effectiveness as a caffeine shampoo, you will have to consume 30-40 cups of coffee! 

Which is pretty dangerous for your well being?  However, I will tell you how you can use coffee to prevent hair loss as well as use it to get healthy hair and dye your hair naturally at the same time, using the cheapest and most cost-effective home remedy. 

First, grind some roasted coffee beans in a grinder take about 2/3 tablespoons of this ground coffee powder, plus  2 teaspoons of organic coffee powder, and mix them well  Boil this mixture in 1 cup of water (approx 150 ml) and make a decoction.  Filter and allow the decoction to cool, and then you can use it to massage your head and scalp regularly.  This will arrest the hair loss and hair fall besides giving your hair a shine and making them lush and healthy.  Plus this is a great way to dye your hair in a shade of coffee color for growing your hair, as well as dyeing your hair this is a 100% natural formula.  If your hair gets a bit dry by applying only ground coffee liquid then you can add a small amount of Olive Oil or Castor Oil to the decoction and then use the resulting mixture as a Hair Mask.  Friends, I hope you have liked this Article In this article I have told you about the best anti-hair fall shampoos in the market as well as a homemade anti-hair fall formula.  I hope that you succeed in controlling your hair fall by employing these remedies.

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