5 Best Methods to Make Quickbooks User-Friendly!

No doubt, Quickbooks is the topmost accounting software used by millions of users to handle their company finances efficiently. Be it tax filing, making invoices, managing inventory, creating easy payments, and whatnot, Quickbooks makes everything super simple.

However, if you are a newbie and have just set up the software, you might need some tips and suggestions on how you can make this incredible program user-friendly.  

Even if you are a pro QB user, you may not be aware of crucial tricks and tips that can save a lot of time. Let’s examine the 5 easiest methods to make Quickbooks extra simple and user-friendly.

Best Methods To Make QB Software More Convenient and User-Friendly

1. Choose a Secure Password

Since your data and files contain all details about your business, saving them properly is a must. When you protect your financial files and data, choose a powerful secured password. Also, note the password somewhere for future purposes. By this, you will be able to avoid any headaches later such as facing Quickbooks won’t open problems. 

We recommended this step because sometimes when you integrate Quickbooks with other apps and use features of online banking, the chances are high that hackers can hack your financial details. And if your financial details are accessible to hackers then your entire company will be in deep trouble.

In order to change the password, just visit the tab “Your Account” and click on the tab “Change Password”.

2. Make Use of ProAdvisor

Here is a small tip from our side. Use ProAdvisor if you’re a small business owner who is just starting with QuickBooks. ProAdvisor is a component of the QB Intuit Package that connects you with a personal accountant (relying on where you reside) who can assist you in getting started with the software. The accountant can also assist you on matters such as expense offsetting, tax regulations, and business structure.

3. Backing Up QuickBooks To Avoid Data Loss

To secure your important data and files, the most important thing to perform is backing up the software. For that, just set an automatic schedule or you can do it through a manual process as well. Backing up the software is as essential as operating your business. Remember to never have QB on one single system without a backup because somehow if it crashes then all of your data will be lost. Either use QBO for automatic data backup or integrate the software with any backup solution for additional security.

4. Customize The Layout of QuickBooks 

Since the new QB versions have unique user interfaces that have more customizations than the old versions. However, if you want to bring back the old layout or want to make some modifications to the new one then it can be done within moments. To make it more customized and user-friendly, just visit “Edit”, go to “Preferences” and hit “Desktop View”. 

Also, now you can easily customize what shows up on the “Icon Bar”. This step will make it convenient for you to navigate as you have those links only that you need most.

  • Just Head to “View”.
  • Go to “Customize Icon Bar”
  • Now keep what you frequently use.

5. Reconciling on QuickBooks

Constant reconciliation is an important QuickBooks tip that can transform the way you work in this software. When you reconcile your QB accounts on a frequent basis, you get a high-level scenario of what’s going on in your company. This will stop showing errors like Quickbooks won’t open now. It’s as basic as that: when you obtain a statement or a payment transaction, make absolutely sure it reconciles with the software. This includes all statements like credit cards, bank account statements, and loans.

Final Words

So, these are the efficient five ways through which you can make your Quickbooks software more simple and user-friendly. Now you can work on the software more efficiently.

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