Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

5 Easy Hacks to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

Cassandra Clare made an excellent point by asking, “as long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”

Well, my dear, it could go from bad to worst in a matter of seconds if you have the wrong kind of coffee cup in your hand. If a cup of coffee can keep a doctor at bay then imagine what a deliciously healthy coffee could do? Probably a lot more!

Well, some people love to have coffee every day because they can even imagine functioning without it while some do it for health concerns. 

Whichever way you decide to go about you know it by now there are dozens of ways you can make your coffee. But is your coffee super healthy?

Got You there, didn’t I?

Down below are a few easy to follow tips to make your coffee super healthy and nutritious for you. 

Watch the clock 

You got yourself a brand new mini espresso maker to end your timeless caffeine cravings but think for a second. Are you sure you want to overdo it?

When the clock strikes midnight don’t even think of brewing a cup of coffee! The reason is pretty obvious. Coffee consists of caffeine that actually is a power booster. If you drink coffee late at night it can interfere with your sleep. For this reason, you need to avoid drinking really late. Even if it is unavoidable for you, have a decaf cup or you can opt for tea as it contains less caffeine. 

So is there any time limit to drink coffee? Let’s say don’t cross the dot on the clock. Not everyone is sensitive to coffee so some might sleep just fine even if they drink coffee late but let’s not stretch it. 

No sugar 

Sorry folks, a healthy version of coffee says “drink me but without sugar”. Adding sugar to your coffee cup can turn out to be pretty harmful. So the best way to deal with this is to say no to sugar intake. 

Many of us drink a “Sweetened coffee” version just out of the bad habit of consuming too many sugary drinks. But know this, sugar is one of the worst ingredients to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Sugar contains high amounts of fructose, which is the common cause of diabetes II. Therefore it’s the foremost reason to skip it altogether. Even if it’s hard for you to abstain from adding sugar to your coffee then use a natural sweetener like stevia. 

Organic coffee 

Oh yes, coffee brands do matter! You might not probably give it a second thought when buying a coffee jar. The quality of coffee with taste and aroma vary a lot from one brand to another. The processing method and the growing methodology have a huge impact on the taste, quality, and aroma of the coffee beans

For instead coffee beans sprayed with synthetic pesticides are not meant for human consumption. Although the use of fertilisers is always a controversial topic, to begin with. 

So if you are worried about the use of pesticides, switch to organic coffee. It has a lower amount of synthetic pesticides. 

Avoid too much consumption 

We, as humans, want to indulge in everything even when it’s about consuming coffee. How much is too much coffee? 

Higher amounts of caffeine like 400-600mg are usually not associated with high levels of risk. This means you might consume 4-6 cups of coffee in a day and yet feel energetic.

Some people may feel hurling their guts out in case they have a sensitive stomach. According to the health expert, caffeine intake must not exceed .1mg per pound of body weight. 

Usually, an average cup of coffee contains around 95 mg of caffeine. So measure the cup you are habitual of drinking your coffee (i know everyone has their favorite mug) so that you don’t consume it too much. 

Cinnamon coffee 

Have you ever tried flavored coffee? It’s common to have flavored tea even green tea is available in the market in the vanity of unique flavors. But what about coffee?

Cinnamon is easy to find as a domestic ingredient that can be found in your pantry. If mixed well with coffee it produces a unique flavor that actually most coffee lovers prefer. 

So if you want to try a different flavor, they add cinnamon to your coffee ( just about a dash) and it’s good to go. 

Not only will it taste good but also improve your health tremendously as cinnamon is known to have serious health benefits. 

The key to taking coffee

Balance the right amount of caffeine to keep your body healthy. A smart decision is to take your favorite energy beverage just the right way that it will keep you active. Try the tips mentioned above and become the ideal coffee drinker.

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