5 Easy Steps: Get Your Music into TV & Film

Qualified and successful musicians around the world find and use the effective methods to make money. If you are willing to find step by step guidelines to get your music into film and TV and start earning, then you are at the right place.

1. Research

You can spend enough time and research different movies or TV shows to find popular and particular styles of music as per the plot and vibe of the production. You have to track down the show or movie which suits the method you write. You must find who has been involving in the music supervision for the production and send such music to him or her when he or she happens to be looking for it. There are several online tools designed to assist in this process.

2. Targeting

Finding the music supervisor is for the movie or show is going to target. You can head over to the IMDB and look at the show you target and find which music supervisor is currently working on which production. This is worthwhile to scroll down and find such person and check out his or her profile.

3. Song production

Song production is the third step in the process of getting the music into the TV or film.  You have to understand and remember that everything you record must be top-notch regardless of whether you wrote the song particularly for the production or you are an artist pitching the pre-existing song. 

4. Organize

If your song is recorded and ready to pitch to the music supervisor you have chosen, then you have to double-check that you have tied up any loose end. Do not forget to ensure that you have an instrumental-only mix of songs. Some supervisors want to make use of recordings of the song devoid the vocals.

5. Pitch your music

It is the right time to get music into the right hands. The biggest hurdle of the musicians in our time is that any supervisor is notoriously hard to connect with. You have to properly complete the above steps and use every chance to pitch your music.