5 Enemies of Your Immunity

We have heard a lot about the significance of strong immunity in the past few months. However, we do not need to depend on the last few months to understand the importance of immunity strength. It is vital for our survival, as always. From our birth, we start struggling with the threats present in the atmosphere. From polluted air to the junk food we stuff in our mouth, everything around us can harm our immunity.

To live a safe and healthy life, know about the 5 enemies that can hurt your immunity. When you recognise the threat, it becomes easier to make a protection strategy.

1. Too much workout

Normally, it is not a common point to read as a threat to immunity. Usually, we read about junk food, obesity as the threat to our immune system. But if you know the phrase ‘excess of everything is bad’ it is applicable even in the case of good things.

It is good to do exercise but not too much. Our body has a specific limit to bear a certain activity up to a certain extent.

  • How too much exercise or workout hurts immunity?
  • It causes strain in nerves which is not good for immunity. The body needs to spend more energy to perform other tasks of the day, and that is tiring for your immune system.
  • After the long hours of work out, your body needs rest, but if you make it work, it can make you ill, and that hurts more the immunity part.
  • A weak body due to excess exercise causes physical weakness and can make it prone to viruses and other hazardous diseases.

Solution – Next time before you strain your nerves with an excessive workout, stop and think for a while, it can be a bad thing for your health. Fix hours and time for daily work out and make sure you do not cross the limits.

2. Overthinking

Of course, thinking about good things is good and sharpens our mind but overthinking and that too about negative things is never healthy. The problem is that most of the people nowadays are victims of overthinking that causes stress.

  • Overthinking makes you take life too seriously and miss the small pleasures of life. It is not good for your brain that needs to be stress-free for a healthy life.
  • Overthinking causes poor appetite. You eat less, and you know what happens then.  Yes, it finally hurts the shield of your body that is immunity.
  • Loneliness is the basic nature of those who overthink, staying lonely creates cortisol which destroys the immune system.

Solution – You know the solution. THINK LESS LIVE MORE J Thinking more about anything or many things is neither good for your mind nor health. Find practical solutions for your problems, break stereotypes, and you can live happier.

3. Do you sleepless? Don’t do that.

The body needs revival time to overcome the tiredness of the whole day. Sleep is the best dose to fulfil that purpose, but if you gate keeps it from a derailed routine, you actually invite illness for your body.

  • Due to less sleep, the body feels weak and become prey to germs and viruses
  • The body fails to generate infection-fighting cells and antibodies
  • An already ill person can be more prone to diseases due to less sleep

Solution – Sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours per day and do not let mobile etc. intrude your sleep time. Eat light at night, and you can sleep better. It is the prime favour you can do to your immune system. Sleep as much as possible, do not get lazy but give your health its right to take the complete rest.

4. Relationship complications

Oh, perhaps we do not need to explain it much. We know how complicated relations have become. There is so much to do in the name of improvement when it comes from our personal lives. From the increasing number of divorce cases to the rising concerns on the loss of trust between people, relations have rotten.

  • Poor relationships cause physical and mental weakness. Immunity demands complete health of mind and body, and a broken heart cannot manage to have both.
  • People unhappy in their personal relations have eating and sleeping disorders; both are responsible for relationship complications.

Solution – You know the solution already, but because it is about your health, some suggestions may help. 1) Sometimes, it is necessary to be as practical in personal relations as you are in a career. If you think you need to take a big decision to make the connection better, take it. 2) Do not forget that delay kills you from inside.

5. Financial frustration

Again a reason that has overpowered many lives and it is making things worst even now. Money has always been a matter of interest as well as stress for the people. Neither people can ignore it, nor they can tame it.

  • How can money relate to poor immunity?
  • Financial frustration causes mental stress and hurts immunity.
  • Sometimes financial crisis leads to poor lifestyle and less nutritious diet
  • You work more to generate more income and that cause exertion and immunity issues

Solution – Always keep the finances organised and keep an emergency fund for tough times. In case of scarcity, explore the cheaper financial solutions such as quick loans in Ireland or quick cash loans. Besides, try to keep the credit score good as you may need to explore the financial solutions in the future to fight an issue.


Perhaps the best way to keep the immunity healthy is to follow a healthy lifestyle. Every small and big thing you do affects your immunity. Even the way you think leaves an impact on your health and in turn, immunity. Never compromise in the quality of life and make patience your permanent companion. Do not let any emotional issue affect you so much that it gets permission to become stronger than you. All the best for your efforts and try to be happy, and your immunity will smile.

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