5 Features Which Make BlueEHR Perfect for Ambulatory Practices

Why you Need an EHR Software 

These days technology has made things much simpler for all areas of life. Life and work have never been simpler. And similarly, at a medical practice these days there are tons of medical software which can help make things much easier for you. These days BlueEHR software can do it all; from helping you manage a full schedule of patients to helping you with your billing. Having an EHR software can largely benefit your practice in multiple ways. 

In this piece, we will be telling you about BlueEHR and how this software can potentially help you to become much more efficient in a variety of different areas; from your scheduling to increasing your revenue! 

BlueEHR Winning Features!

Appointment Scheduling Feature

There are a lot of features in BlueEHR that make it a wonderful option for you and your practice. The first feature we will talk about is the appointment scheduling feature. With this feature you are able to schedule as many patients in a day as possible which in turn helps you to optimize your daily schedule. This means you are able to see more patients in a day than you were able to before which of course also means you will be increasing the amount of revenue you are bringing in to your practice. Having a well scheduled daily schedule is very important and with BlueEHR you are able to do so. 

Claims Management Feature

The claims management feature in BlueEHR is also a wonderful one which helps you to focus on your patients instead of having to constantly think about filing claims and worrying about whether or not they will be accepted. 

The software automates a large part of filing claims for you which reduces the number of mistakes. You might make which in turn leads to your claims being accepted more often as well as you getting reimbursed for your claims much sooner. All of this will help you become much more liquid in your cash flow as well! 

Coordinated Patient Care

With BlueEHR you have access to a coordinated care feature. That allows you to coordinate with other healthcare providers that your patient is going to. When you have a patient who might be going to other physicians as well. You can share files with the physician as well as any other notes you think might help them come to a better and quicker diagnosis for the patient or vice versa. 

The coordinated care feature helps you to be on the same page with other doctors and know what course of action and treatment plan. They are opting for which can help you make informed decisions for yourself as well! 

Cloud Based System

One of the best things about BlueEHR is that the software is cloud based. Which means you can conveniently use it anywhere that you want. The software is cloud based which helps you to access it from anywhere and be able to view patient files, patient treatment plans and much more all on the go. The web app allows you to do so. 

With this feature you can conveniently access your software without any issues. Hence be able to keep track of your patients and practice from anywhere in the world without having to worry about being in the office. 

e-Prescription Features

The last feature in BlueEHR we want to tell you about is the e-Prescription feature. Which is very convenient and safe. With this feature, you are able to make prescriptions online. Send them to whatever pharmacy is most convenient for your patient. This means being able to make things easier on both ends! 

The e-prescriptions feature also warns you about any unwanted drug interactions. That you should know about and helps you make an informed choice. About what medication would be the best choice for a particular patient! 

Should you Invest in BlueEHR?

Now that we have told you about everything there is to know about BlueEHR. You are probably wondering whether you should invest in this software or not. Well, while we cannot make a decision for you we can help you come to a conclusion on your own. 

The first thing you should do is read as many BlueEHR reviews online as you can. Then figure out what current users about the software think of it since this will help you make a better decision. 

And finally, we highly recommend you contact the vendor for BlueEHR. Ask them for a demo of it to see whether or not this software would suit your needs. Once you have seen it in action rather than just reading about the features. 

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