EHR for a Small Practice

5 Features you Should Look for in an EHR for a Small Practice

Why an EHR Software is Important 

EHR software makes your processes so much simpler than they ever were because of digitizing everything for you. From appointment scheduling to billing; everything is made much simpler and can be done efficiently with as little human input as possible. With these EHR software not only are you able to save a lot of time but you can also save a lot of money since the human input needed is minimal and you do not need to hire a long line of assistants and part time workers to help you manage tasks that the EHR can do for you. 

In this piece, we will be highlighting some of the features that you should ensure an EHR has to  make it the best EHR for small practices. Not all EHR are equal and some are better than others. If you ensure your EHR has all the features we have outlined below then you will be fine! 

5 Features you Should Always Look For 

Patient Portal for Easing of Your Administrative Burdens 

With the patient portal feature, you can essentially delegate certain administrative tasks on to the patients themselves. This feature should let patients schedule appointments, keep track of upcoming appointments, give them a secure platform to communicate with you and also look at their bills and pay them online. 

If the software you are eyeing has a patient portal feature with all the above mentioned capabilities then you definitely have a winner in your hands and should consider it as one of the best EHR for small practices.

Access Educational Tools Increase your Clinical Efficiency 

With your EHR software you should be able to have a support network that enables you to be able to make better clinical decisions and diagnosis. The software should definitely have interoperability which lets you access data by other providers on the network and then make more informed clinical decisions which are more accurate and can help you form an even better treatment plan for your patient. As a small practice, this feature is absolutely necessary since it provides you with a very valuable resource. 

As a small practice you are usually strapped for resources and thus having access to more data and knowledge can only benefit you! 

Intelligent Software to Make Everything Easy

The software feature we want to mention next is very important. With an intuitive software, you can make things much easier for yourself. Always opt for a small software which monitors your preferences and behaviors over time and adjusts to them automatically so that your user experience is extremely smooth. 

The software should be able to automatically make suggestions of what settings you prefer. This again helps you save time and effort and in a small practice this is paramount! Any software that deserves the best EHR for small practices title should have this feature! 

Integrate Other Software into Your EMR

Using as many EHR, practice management and billing software as you can is important to ensure that things are running smoothly but also using too many software can be confusing and anxiety inducing. So make sure whatever EHR software you get has the capabilities to be able to integrate other softwares into it so that all your data is streamlined and you do not have to worry about switching through softwares to make sense of your day. 

E-Prescription Feature

The final feature a software should have in order to be considered as the best EHR for small practices is the e-prescription feature as this will help you save time and effort. And it is a convenience for both your and your patients. With this feature you can make virtual prescriptions and send them directly to whatever pharmacy will be most convenient for your patients to go to. With this feature, your patients no longer have to come in to get their prescription paper and can directly go to the pharmacy instead. 

This feature saves you a lot of time and also increases patient satisfaction because of the better, more efficient service you are able to provide. 

Parting Remarks

At the end of the day, we suggest going for a software which feels right to you since the best EHR for small practices is the one which fits your needs best. Apart from the features we have mentioned above, we recommend making a list of other features you would ideally want in a software and then comparing that list to the features listed in whatever software you might be considering. 

We are sure that you will choose a software that is perfect for you and has all the features which you will need to run your small medical practice. We are sure whatever software you opt for at the end of the day will prove to be the best EHR for small practices for you! 

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