What are you most scared of? You might be worried if you lose your jewelry or if you get into an accident with your new car or just in case your pe

5 Helpful Ways To Find Your Lost Cat

What are you most scared of? You might be worried if you lose your jewelry or if you get into an accident with your new car or just in case your pet gets lost? In either case you have to be very careful with your belongings.  Being a pet owner the scariest thing of your life is to lose your pet in an accident or in a theft. This is bound to hurt you a lot. 

So what can you do in the case if your cat is missing? That’s when a cat collar becomes the most important cat supplies ever.

 Time to Microchip Your Cat 

Getting hold of modern technology is easier than it was before. This means that even for your cats you can use the latest technology and gadgets to make your life easier and much more efficient. Microchipping is one way to increase the chances of safety for your pet. So in case your pet gets lost somewhere when you can track the location of your pet with the connected app.

 When you are planning to buy a new cat collar for your cat then make sure you do a proper Google search. There are few stores offering cat collars online that are improvised with the microchip these are quite inexpensive devices; they are small in the shape of the electronic chip) and in fact, in the size of the grain.

Instead of inserting the chip in your cat, you can have it installed in the cat collar preferably if your cat does not throw it away. 

Collar with ID tags

It’s hard to make your cats wear collars. But those that do give you the honor to do so, attach an ID tag along with the collar. The tag must consist of your phone number, name, or address. Choose a collar that is super comfortable but also isn’t easy to break free either. The tag can also consist of your cat’s name (just in case) but putting the right information matters. 

Now microchipping your cat alongside the ID tags is a pretty good combo too. Whoever finds your cat can contact you with the help of an ID tag or you can find the location of your lost pet with the microchip. 

Both of the options are pretty safe to use. 

Find the Hiding Place 

Cats love to have their side of fun. This includes not only fetching or jumping but also hiding. If you are underestimating your cat, you will have to constantly feel like you need to have a look out for your cat. 

Cats are intelligent creatures, they know cool (for them) and totally unexpected places to hide. You need to become familiar with your cat’s behavior. They might act timid but don’t be fooled by their sweetness. They lick to play trick or treat in reality. 

So if you are unable to find your cat, the first thing you need to do is to look in the basement, under the recliner, cupboard, closets, or loose ceiling tiles even. As it turns out, cats are good at concealing themselves. 

Use food to urge them out 

Shake the treat bag! If you have scoured every inch of your house, including the garage then it’s time to draw these smart felines out with food. 

If your cat has gone missing it’s best to search outside now. There might be a possibility that your cat is near home so take a bag of food treats that your cat loves. While calling for her, shake the food treat bag or even take the wet can of your favorite food. 

Cats have keen hearing senses; they can hear you up close or even from a distance. So if they happen to be nearby they will reach out to you from the smell of food or the familiar shaking of the canned food. 

Check the trees or outdoor enclosure 

Well, cats do like to jump don’t they? It’s their natural instinct to jump high so maybe they are on a tree. It sounds cliche, but it is another possibility that your cat might be stuck on a tree. So you need to check all the buses and trees on your property and around the neighbors too. If you are unable to find them on the trees grown on your property then go to your neighbor’s.

Take a picture with you when you ask them around if they have seen your pet. Ask your neighbors politely if they’ll allow you to look around any bushes or trees on their property. If odds are in your favor you will find your cat sooner rather than later. 

Losing a pet is like missing a family member, you can also call in the local shelter, vet clinics, and animal control to be on the safe side. Oh and don’t forget to post on social media either. The wider the search span the better. 

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