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5 Important Tips For Being a Great Designated Driver Dubai

The festive season has arrived! Friends, family, wonderful cuisine, and a good time are all welcome. Now, for those of us over the age of 21, the festivities may include some festive parties, or New year eve cocktails. However, many people misjudge the effects of drinking and fail to plan ahead of time how they will get home. Follow these 5 Tips For Being a Great Designated Driver Dubai to maximize the pleasure while minimizing the risk.

Usually a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent g/dL or higher is deemed impaired driving, according to Don’t sabotage the holidays by committing an easily avoidable error. Use a ride-sharing app or public transportation in advance. If neither of these options is available, choose a designated driver before the party begins. It’s likely that you’ll be out for more than one night this holiday season, so splitting up is a good idea. You can even give the night out as a present to individuals you care about! Being a designated driver comes with a lot of responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Here we discuss a few simple things to bear in mind on how to be an excellent Professional driver Dubai.

1) Bring on the mocktails!

It’s as simple as that: don’t drink. Not only do you risk one drink becoming too many, but you also risk losing the trust of individuals to whom you made a very significant pledge. Bring your favorite non-alcoholic beverages to keep your commitment while still having a good time. Check out mocktails for some delectable ideas (Non-Alcoholic Hot Buttered Rum, anyone?). Plus, you’ll be a hero if you share them with others who have made a similar pledge to abstain from alcohol.

2) Plan ahead

A good Sober Driver Dubai not only takes their role seriously, but also ensures that everyone else does as well. Make sure everyone knows you’ve got their backs so they can enjoy themselves. Send the ground rules and specifics in a lighthearted invitation a few days ahead of time. Stock the car with supplies such as water bottles for hydration and bags like for someone who has a little too much fun.

3) Ground rules

The designated Safer driver Dubai establishes the regulations and properly conveys them. Remind everyone on the journey of the ground rules. Important details like what time you plan to leave and where you will meet at the end of the night if you become separated should be included in the ground rules. The last thing you want to do after being on your best behavior for several hours is look for your buddies.

4) Designated DRIVER

The Safe driver Dubai has a lot of tasks, but the most crucial one is driving. Check that your driver’s license is up to date and that your vehicle is in good functioning shape. All lights, including signal, running, tail, and, most critically, headlights, should be checked. To avoid getting lost, plan your route ahead of time and check the weather forecast. Make your co-pilot the DJ so you can concentrate on driving. Be prepared for diversions like as bad weather and backseat hijinks. To avoid being pulled over, stay inside the speed limit and obey all traffic laws. While law enforcement is always working to keep us safe, this time of year they can be more vigilant.

5) Have a sense of humor

Even if you don’t drink, you’ll have a terrific time. It’s possible that being the Safe driver Dubai isn’t always enjoyable. The finest designated drivers keep an eye on their friends’ behavior as well as their own health. When the time comes to leave, approach your pals with a sense of humor and be prepared for anything. Also, keep in mind that you are the one who establishes the ground rules.

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