5 New ways to wear a basic tee

Every woman owns a basic tee! You wear it to the gym, to sleep, or wherever you might go, these basic trusty t-shirts have your back. Unfortunately, these women’s tees are often not loved by fashion lovers for being boring and sloppy looking. The fact that basic tees are simple pieces and it doesn’t turn heads on the street by themselves. Nobody wants to be labeled basic! But listen, that’s the beauty of basic tee. There is nothing basic about a basic tee. It doesn’t make much of a statement on its own, so you can style it with anything you want. 

They are the staple that holds the cute outfit together. There are countless ways to transform your basic tee into a gorgeous look. So put aside your preconceived notion about basic tees as they are overrated because online clothing boutiques are going to show you five new ways to make your favorite tee special. 

#1 Easy weekend dressings

Everyone wants to stay comfy from head to toe on weekends and don’t have any mood for dressing up. A crisp and clean white t-shirt is perfect for this weekend, but why don’t you try something as casual and comfy as a basic white tee but with a different vibe. We recommended a simple, cotton v-neck basicombre pullover top. 

It is in a hot trend and looks super cute and comfy. It’s perfect for having lunch with family or heading out for a day at the park. Pair it with casual white sneakers, and it gives you a sporty and comfy weekend vibe look. It adds that charm of color to your basic relaxed dressing. 

#2 The updated classic

We are very familiar with an easy pick for any day of the week is classic jeans and a tee-shirt. But there is nothing bad to give every outfit special attention, so next time when you go for a classic look, add a little flair to it. A tee with some interesting detail like a ruffle neckline, or you can simply turn up the hotness by pairing it with killer shoes on your everyday favorite.

We know that these white tops make you go crazy every time. It makes you look fresh and crisp like this staccato top. Pair it with jeans and cute sneakers, or pair it under a vest or jacket in fall. It is an easy fit, and subtle bishop sleeves are just making it super stylish. Look how the styling change by pairing it with pop color burgundy boots, and you are all set to go without being too flashy.

#3 Layered up look

Long sleeves under short sleeves! Yes, now play with pattern and length when you are putting together your usual tee. Style it with a something-else combo. You can layer up this hooded cardigan with your regular tee tucked in with high waisted pants. It’s a perfect blend of a cute and comfy outfit. 

The stripe pattern and longer length cardigan give your tee that admirable look, and not keep it simple like before. For casual wear, pair it with sneakers, or to dress up a little bit and pair it with high heels, this one will become your favorite in a closet.

#4 The power duo

Do you need a reason to wear your soft, comfy tee? No, right. This heart top is your choice if you don’t own a super comfortable casual t-shirt. It gives you a sweet and playful vibe when you pair it with shorts or jeans for a casual day. You need to grab some statement earrings and a bracelet stack or rings to complete your look. 

Guess what? It is also an office approved look! Wear this top with black dress pants for a professional meeting ready look. Don’t wait anymore; just grab this top from an online clothing boutiqueand get ready for any professional or casual look.

#5 Minus the size