5 Reasons Why Yoga Nidra Can Transform Your Lives

Stress, tiredness, and anxiety have become an integral part of our modern society. The fast-paced, non-stop way of living has driven individuals towards an unwelcoming stressful existence, which is highly unlikely to depart our lives any soon.

On the one hand, some people become nervous only under extreme work pressure or personal life, while others go through such episodes weekly or daily. But, always, there is light at the end of every tunnel.

If you’re confident and patient enough, you can drastically transform your lifestyle to lead a stress-free, relaxed life through a Yoga Nidra course online.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra, widely known as Yogic Sleep, is a form of meditating while being half-asleep. It is a state of half-consciousness where you stay between being asleep or awake. Through a skilled instructor and guided meditation, a ‘going to sleep’ stage can get induced.

Modernized by Swami Satyananda, Yoga Nidra originated as a Nyasa meditation practice from tantra yoga methodology, wherein an individual connects deeper with their consciousness while at the same time eradicating distractions. Yoga Nidra provides powerful benefits for the brain, body, and mind.

How to Perform Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is one of the easiest and simplest yoga Asanas to perform out there. It involves resting comfortably in a savasana, i.e., corpse position. The yogic sleep gradually carries the person through Pancha Maha Kosha (the five layers of self), which gives a feeling of lightness and wholeness.

An instructor systematically guides you through a deep relaxation exercise throughout this process, which awakens your subconscious and unconscious minds.

Yoga Nidra has proven to rejuvenate your body by eliminating aches, sores, stress, and tiredness. It gravitates towards becoming more active, full of life while leaving their tired, dull persona behind.

Here are the 5 primary reasons why the technique of Yoga Nidra can completely transform your lives for the better:

  1. Production of Theta & Delta Waves

As mentioned above, the practice of Yoga Nidra carries an individual into the most profound state of sleep wherein the brain starts producing theta (4-7 hertz) and delta waves (1-3 hertz). However, throughout the entire time, the individual remains conscious.

The production of theta waves induces a phenomenon called Theta State, a state of intense relaxation generally used during hypnosis. The brain waves get slowed down to a frequency of 4-7 cycles per second. Theta waves are known to provoke spiritual and inspirational feelings, and it gets widely believed that such a mental state allows you to act below the level of a conscious mind.

On the other hand, Delta waves are the slowest waves at 1-4 cycles per second and get generally experienced during a night of deep, dreamless sleep.

  • Allows You to Cut-Off from the Worldly Thoughts

For 24 hours of the day, every week and month, we spend our majority time sorting out our priorities; food, work, family, or friends. We often forget to live and enjoy the present as we stress so much about the future, which we can’t physically control.

Yoga Nidra helps you detach from these train of continuous thoughts and enter into a thought-free mind for half an hour every day. When done regularly, this practice enables you to stay healthy as your mind is relaxed like never before.

  • Improves Your Sleeping Pattern

Yoga Nidra significantly improves your sleep and also reduces insomnia. Sleep deprivation and insomnia are major contributing factors to mental disorders and immune suppression. It gets widely recommended to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night for any adult or young person.

If you are going through the problem of rolling around your bed for 1 to 5 hours before finding peaceful sleep, Yoga Nidra gets designed for you. Lack of sleep contributes to tiredness at work and life in general. Yoga Nidra is like a respite that helps you overcome your insomnia issues and achieve optimal sleep daily.

Yoga Nidra allows you to sleep peacefully. As you enter a subconscious sleep-like state, this practice slows down your mind’s wavelengths. The process begins with focusing your attention on different body parts and taking slow, deep breaths that trigger a relaxation response throughout your body. This response is responsible for balancing your left and right brain parts, along with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

A forty-five-minute session of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to a 3-hour sleep.

  • Reduces Stress and Tension from Your Mind and Body

Yogic sleep helps you release all the build-up muscle tension that resides within your body and mind. Within a few minutes into a Yoga Nidra session, you’ll start feeling as fresh as new. Your mind will get filled with positive, new thoughts, eradicating the tensions of the past or the future, and your body will stop feeling sore.

However, to experience these benefits, you will require patience. Only through regularlyexercising Yoga Nidrawould you be able to feel your mind and body completely free of tension, stress, and anxiety.

  • Provides You the ‘Me Time’ to Focus on Yourself

Throughout our daily routine, we get surrounded by never-ending chaos about our personal and work life. Due to this, we seldom spend time and focus on ourselves. Have we grown as an individual? Are we better than before? We never get to ask ourselves these questions because we always stress about other things subconsciously.

Sometimes, even when alone, we dedicate most of our time to our mobile screens, television, or working on our PC.

By practicing Yoga Nidra regularly, you can effectively detach yourself from these materialistic enjoyments and spend some time with only yourself, without a worry about the outside world.

This session with your inner self will allow you to form a fresh outlook on your life. While your work and personal issues will not go away, the relaxation you experience during Yoga Nidra would enable you to look at these problems differently and tackle all of them with a positive mindset and enthusiasm rather than a defeated posture.

In Conclusion,No matter how much we mentally try to tackle and deny stress, tiredness, anxiety, and constant thinking, these feelings are entrenched in our way of living and habits. Therefore, they are not going away that easily. We plan vacations throughout our lives to take a break, but we cannot stay on a halt forever.

A Yoga Nidra course online is the perfect solution to tackle and overcome these issues daily. The regular practice comes with immense benefits, which help us stay focused on resolving problems positively and organizing our deep, inner thoughts.

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