5 Tech Innovations Responsible for H&M's Turnaround

5 Tech Innovations Responsible for H&M’s Turnaround

COVID-19 and its impact on markets worldwide was unparalleled to any event before. With countries going into lockdown and almost everything shifting onto a virtual space, retail stores were hit hard and had to make deep-rooted policy changes to keep up their sales. However, H&M found an innovative way to adapt to the changing nature of consumers and the market.

In this uncertain situation, technology has played a significant role in essentially running markets online. This has allowed brands to create a niche in the virtual space. From adapting H&M discount codes to changing how shopping is done, broadening their horizons is one of the reasons that H&M is back to being one of the leading fashion brands globally.

H&M Home Stylist

Being unable to go to stores means that consumers won’t be able to interact with store staff. Store staff do much more than help customers buy items. They help consumers curate pieces according to their taste, give them tips on how to style the items, present customers with the latest styles, and help create a unique environment for their comfort.

H&M Home Stylist is a voice application that may have some of these features with the addition of exploiting certain things people cannot do, such as creating mood boards. It can also give advice and suggestions or tell consumers about different deals like Myntra discount codes. Moreover, it can do this in a human voice, which changes the feel of the service. This has been created by collaborating with Google, which is keen on marketing it.

Augmented Reality

The tech start-up HoloMe and H&M owned brand Monki have collaborated to bring forth an innovative partnership. High-definition human holograms that have been tested through augmented reality will transform the shopping experience. Customers can examine the product in thorough detail. This not only makes it more convenient to shop but also makes it a fascinating process.

They also installed a mirror in their Time Square flagship. This mirror is voice-activated and can provide tips about fashion, recognise faces, and even offer H&M discount codesthrough QR scanning.

Improving Payment Options

Since the shopping experience is virtual anyway, H&M decided to use the interface by providing integrated payment options in certain online and offline stores. This makes paying a stress-free and hassle-free process. It also allows flexibility in allowing customers to pay after they have tried a product, leading to increased satisfaction. This, coupled with incentives to shop, such as Myntra discount codes,would revolutionise shopping and pay at our favourite stores.

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence

In a game-changing move, H&M started using big data and artificial intelligence productively. Apart from experts, they began using algorithms to analyse numbers like loyalty card data, how H&M discount codesare used, receipts, etc. The reason this was so effective is that people are fallible in terms of analysing large-scale data. While store staff make their analyses based on their own biases and heuristics, data does not lie. In fact, by collecting data on a macro-level, they could make more accurate predictions and deal with supply and demand in a much more informed manner.

Better Use of the Online Market

As established, the virtual world is the new terrain where markets thrive. In doing so, users have to be provided with a friendly interface and incentivised into investing their time on a website. H&M developed their app and website in a way that improved the shopping experience. Features like visual search or scan and find can go a long way in making a customer go through with the purchase.

Moreover, providing appropriate deals and coupons such as Myntra discount codescan be the push required to make a user settle on a product. H&M provides amazing deals through partners such as Gorilla Coupon, giving the consumer up to 70% off on all products. Gone are the days when just a simple old H&M discount codeis enough to attract consumers. Instead, companies today have much more to compete with rivals and bring a suitable user base to their stores to increase sales. Exploiting the needed technology is one of the most efficient and transformative ways of making long-term changes to the shopping experience.

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