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5 Things a Yoga Lover Can Do during COVID Pandemic

COVID 19 is affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. The second wave of the uncontrollable virus does not seem to end soon. But, some efforts can be done to prevent the spread of COVID 19. Although this write-up is jotted keeping yoga lovers in mind, however, anyone can implement the things mentioned here to fight Corona Virus. So, if you are a yogi and practicing various yoga techniques is your passion, here we have listed some tips for you to help you get protected from COVID 19. Let’s get started!

How Yoga Can Help You Beat COVID?

Yoga is not about practicing various yoga poses during yoga teacher training, instead, it is a slow but steady immunity booster for many.

Researches suggest that people with good immunity are less prone to getting badly impacted with COVID. So, if you have good immunity, the chances of getting recovered from the virus are higher, even if infected.

Here is a to-do list for those who find interest in practicing yoga. By incorporating the below-listed habits in your daily routine, you can prevent yourself from getting infected with Coronavirus.

Practice Yoga Two-times Daily

If you are having knowledge of doing basic or advanced yoga poses, make sure you practice them two times a day. This will help you fight the harmful virus in an effective manner by giving your body the much-needed strength to fight it.

It is not necessary you practice yoga for long hours. You can divide your current practice into two sessions as well.

Add More and More Breathing Exercises to Your Practice

Breathing practices help in keeping your lungs open and this is a must for beating COVID. So, try to add as many as pranayama exercises to your routine as you can. This will help your lungs to work in a better way, just in case you get COVID.

For instance, you can practice pranayama exercises like AnulomVilom, Ujjayi, Bhramari, Bhastrika, etc.

Eat Yogic and Healthy Diet

Food plays a vital role when it comes to staying healthy. So, make sure you intake meals that are homemade as well as healthy. Junk food should be completely avoided by you. Having trips to malls or markets for giving your taste buds some relishing should be compromised by you for some time if you want to keep yourself away from the infections of COVID.

Best if you can consume yogic meals. These are completely vegetarian as well as full of nutrients. You can eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouted seeds, butter, cheese, and legumes, for example.

Teach Yoga to Benefit Others

If you have great yogic skills with you, why not spread them among others. This way you will be able to help so many other lives to stay protected from the spread of Corona. Same as doctors, you can contribute to helping others fight from Coronavirus.

If you are not sure how to make things happen, plan an online yoga class. For reference, you can see tutorials offered by various schools of yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Teaching yoga to others will not only enhance your own practice but also help others learn how to stay safe during this COVID pandemic with the help of YOGA.

Take Good Care of Your Loved Ones

No matter whether you are a yogi or not, taking care of your family is a must for everyone. If you feel any of your loved ones are getting the symptoms of COVID, don’t ignore the situation.

Get in touch with good doctors to find what best treatment can be given to the person for fighting Coronavirus.

Note: Keep in mind that the points mentioned above are given for the additional protection from COVID. Along with this, you are advised to follow all the safety measures like cleaning or sanitizing hands often, maintaining a safe distance from others, wearing a mask, and getting the vaccination.

To Conclude

COVID has become heartbreaking for many to date. A countless number of people have already lost their lives around the world. But, being a yogi, you can add a bit of effort to prevent the spread of COVID 19. By implementing the tips given in the post, you can put a potential stop to the spread of the Corona Virus. Will you?

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