5 tips to get your followers to visit your blog

5 tips to get your followers to visit your blog

I bet that almost everyone who has a blog consequently has some social network. And almost everyone also knows that it is difficult to get your social media followers to visit your blog. So I came to share 5 tips to make your followers visit your blog.

Before we do a quick diagnosis of social networks. Looking at 4 of the most popular social media sites, to be more effective in converting traffic between social networks and blog.

  • Facebook has a more engaged audience and shows a significantly longer average time.
  • Twitter users are more attracted to browsing, visiting multiple pages per session.

The audience of these two social networks that I mentioned above are, however, the majority of the return of visitors who already know your blog.

  • Pinterest, on the other hand, is a great discovery tool for blogs as it often brings in more new users than the other two networks I mentioned before. Look:  how to use Pinterest to increase visit your blog.
  • Instagram deserves special attention. Because it is the only one that cannot be tracked in Google Analytics like the others. But it is one of the most popular and constantly growing social tools, so it should not be overlooked.

Now, let’s take your followers to the blog through five practical tips:

1. Exclusivity is the key

If you reveal all the details of your content through an Instagram post, why would your followers be interested in visiting your blog? Instead of showing your entire post on Instagram, share a “sample” of your post redirecting people to the blog to see the full post.

Share some content behind the creation process on Snapchat or Instagram stories. For example, while getting ready for an event, she warns that later the photos of the look will be on the blog. Or that you will post the makeup tutorial in the future on your YouTube channel. Do you want to retain readers even more? Create a “weekly newsletter” about the week’s posts. So you make the followers eager for the post to come out and they see the content that drew attention by the title.

2. Use clear blogging

Another key to successful disclosure is transparency. If your readers can really benefit from going to your blog for tips or tutorials, let them know through each point of contact on social media. For example: “See the complete look today on the blog, plus 3 accessible options!” that call will convert more traffic than just views. Why is it good to have many views and few loyal readers? I’ve lost count of how many times I clicked on a website thinking it was what I was looking for.

3. Plan, plan, plan

Be sure to update social media at the last minute. If you want to connect with your audience and redirect them to your blog, you will need to gain their interest and trust. It is difficult to do this if the messages are made equally in their social profiles. It wouldn’t sound too real, right? Make a message for each specific network and plan as you would any post on your blog, and plan ahead just like you do with posts. NOTE: No one needs to know that it is a #latergram.

4. Make the most of your content creatively

Creative content is a great way to push people to visit your blog. Make lists, what to do and not do, guides, an indication of series or films. These are all great editorial techniques that bring benefits to your blog as well as activity on your social networks. Like this? This type of content offers readers a clear and evident benefit that people are always interested in and that makes them interact.

Take the opportunity to get an old post and give relevant access to it. Mentioning in some Instagram captions, writing some excerpts on Twitter or pinning Pinterest to have these pictures of products and looks there. Your little guide like “ 5 tips for sleeping well when you have anxiety ” was posted a year ago but can still be relevant.

5. Listen to your readers/followers

If you want to know exactly what your followers want, the first thing you have to do is to observe. What are the doubts in the comments? Which images or tutorials are best viewed on Pinterest?

Let your followers know that your comments inspired you to create a new post. They are the key to tapping into the interests of your audience. It’s better than sitting in front of the computer waiting for an idea to come. And if you don’t have any suggestions or questions in the comments, don’t be afraid to ask for opinions and ask in your posts. Post something like “What do you want to see on the blog?”. Or even conduct a search for the reader.

It is always good to remember that the best way to boost a blog post on any platform is to think about your readers first. And, of course, stay true to your identity and have your own niche within the blogosphere.

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