Increase Sales your Online Store

5 Ways To Drive Ecommerce Traffic and Conversions To Your Online Store

There is no secret in it that online sales are exploding. With many of the consumers buying online, the retailers have their work cut out for them to get noticed. But it is a normal scenario that many of the online retailers lack the fund for ads. 

 Over half of the population of consumers love to shop online, it is very good news but with that, it becomes tough for the retailers with the proliferation of online marketplaces to open up for the consumers to get the attention essential to drive the traffic on your online store. So thankfully you do not at all need to have a great budget to advertise for enhancing your eCommerce traffic. 

In search of ways to motivate the consumers to buy from you in opposition to the well-established retailers can be a challenging game, but not an impossible one. This scenario becomes difficult when you have the exact things when they need them. 

In this write up we have included the top-notch ways which lead you to drive a good number of traffic on your eCommerce store so that you can make your way to success and give the competition to the big guys. 

Top Method to increase eCommerce Traffic

#1 Invest in Google Ads 

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your online store is to make the investment in good AdWords. The luckiest part is that even with a low budget you can easily afford to pay for advertising by using Google AdWords.  

There are a few ways which can help you to take the advantage of this advertising strategy. 

  • Display your eCommerce shop’s ads in google search results.
  • Show the text or banner ads in Gmail, websites, and in the apps. 
  • Start showing up the video ads on Youtube and target your audience on the basis of their interest and demographic data having the age and location. 
  • Do the promotion of your online store’s app via android and IOS. 

Google ads enclose everything whether it be from displaying ads you notice at the very top of your online newspaper to the top of the search result when you type “restaurants near me”. 

Importantly when you start to create your google ads search, you type in 10 or so search terms when you actually want your ad to appear. If you want to increase your ad conversion read 15 eCommerce PPC tips.

#2 Referral marketing 

If you are still not having any referral program in place for your online store then it’s worth it that you should fire up one. There are a majority of people who believe in reference to their family or friends.  This reference heavily influences their purchasing decision. There is no need for much elaboration on this. 

Simply involve an easy way for your consumers to have a look at reviews and recommendations and with that, you also recommend your brand to others.  Initially, it will be hard but at the same time, it matters the most. 

Consumer gains with referral marketing will always have more in a lifetime than other customers.You can also read how to improve sales of your online sales.

#3 Premium Content 

Consistently publishing valuable and all-around enjoyable content attracts tons of traffic to your eCommerce site. Your online shop is not only about selling products and services. Moreover, many of the consumers are in search of more than just a retail shop to purchase from.

Trying to publish product reviews, tutorials, news pieces and other informative things about your shop will surely encourage people to visit your site. 

#4 Email Marketing 

It is a very well known and effective way to capture the customer to your eCommerce site, a building engagement email works wonders. One of the biggest mistakes any online store owner makes is to have all the focus on attracting new customers to the business and forget everything around. You can launch an email campaign targeting all the new customers who have never purchased from you before.  

#5 Clout the SEO 

If you are in a plan to add content creation then, first it is very necessary for you to recognize the overall importance of SEO in driving traffic to your online store. SEO is the marketing technique, helpful in “getting found” in search engine results by people interested in what you actually have to offer. you can learn more about the ultimate guide to eCommerce SEO.

Just taking out some time to follow even a few steps will definitely help your content ranking higher in search engine results and driving traffic to your online store. 

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