5 Wedding Jewelry do’s and Don’ts every Bride Needs to Remember

There’s an old saying “if the dress makes the wedding possible then it’s the jewelry that makes the dress stand out”. 

I totally agree with the sentiment. Wedding day is a compilation of all the good things including the emotional moments. As you all know before the actual wedding day the preparations are on the rise for months. You have prepared a proper checklist to make sure everything goes straight. But if you have been in the wedding industry for long, you can easily pinpoint the brightest choices and the ultimate disasters brides tend to make when choosing jewelry on their wedding day. Despite their effort to look perfect it can turn disastrous too. 

Seeing my fir share of bridal blunder and wedding wonders, I have enlisted a very basic and easy to follow wedding jewelry dos and don’ts that will help you when it’s time to select the jewelry. 

Do mix the old with new 

Have you ever seen an eastern bride? So it happens while wedding planning in Dubai (as a destination), I had to pick the last minute jewelry from a store. Turns out ladies kangan in dubai are pretty much a popular choice for the eastern bride. The gold jewelry held sentimental value as the bride wore her mother’s gold bangles (which she had given to polish) and it turned out to be pretty good. 

So yeah, mixing the new  with old jewelry is good to go. As long as the style matches your outfit even some mix and match will give a unique blend to your bridal look. 

Don’t wear a necklace with an asymmetrical gown 

So, let’s talk western. I had to talk out a bride who insisted on wearing a heavy layered necklace with her one-shoulder gown. I couldn’t blame her, the necklace was a fashion statement but the one-shoulder gown is a statement of its own. 

Adding a necklace to the attire is no-no big time. 

Not only will it ruin the look, the overall image would look completely unbalanced. Instead you have two choices to choose from. Wear a cuff or a bold bracelet on the off-shoulder arm. Second option is to accessorize with a stunning pair of earrings!

Do match the headpiece and earrings

When you are jewelry shopping keep in mind all the basic jewelry you expect to wear at the  wedding ceremony and later at the reception. 

Some brides are keen to try a headpiece too but too often it mixes with the rest of accessories and it’s just a waste of money. So what you need to do is; bring your earrings (you will be wearing on the day) and wear them while trying on a headpiece. It will give you much needed clarity whether you want a simple headpiece or  finishing touch with embellishments and so on. 

Your goal must be to enhance your look. 

Don’t wear watch 

So, who doesn’t love to wear a watch? Can a groom wear a watch on the wedding day? Sure. Can brides do the same? Umm no, thanks. 

Even if you are a control freak kind of a bride (no offense) it doesn’t mean you will be needing to look at the dial every two seconds. Let your wedding planner or friends and family handle the timings and coordination for the ceremony. Wearing a watch to your own wedding will ruin your bridal look by miles. Watch radiates a professional aura not a bridal one. So sorry ladies, you have to keep this in mind. 

Do mix and match the rings 

The couple that plan together stays together. Well most couples do want matching rings but you can always try to mix and match. The finishing of your wedding band actually doesn’t matter. The wedding ring must represent who you are as a person, as a bride (or groom), your bridal dress and the color you want. Some brides opt for colored diamonds or other gemstones with a rose gold or white gold band. For a more conventional and everyday kind of look some brides opt for platinum wedding bands. 

So whether you have a big engagement ring you can choose a small wedding band so that you don’t overdo the rings either. 

Now, you must be realizing how it’s rather easy to over accessorize your bridal look on the wedding day, right? Well let’s not dwell more on the stress side. You can always do more research before picking the type of jewelry you want to wear. 

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