6 Causes of Roof Leaks and How to Prevent them

6 Causes of Roof Leaks and How to Prevent them

Roof leaks can have a huge impact on your home than you might think. Not only are the roof and attic at risk if you do not fix a leak immediately, but many other problems can arise.

It is important to be aware of all the consequences of roof leaks and the resulting water damage. Here are six rooftops to watch out for puncture damage.

Damage to your roof

Believe it or not, your roof can take additional damage from a roof leak.

Your roof has many different parts that can be severely affected by a leak.

Once the roof is plywood or OSB (Oriented Strand Board) saturated, it begins to demarcate (split or laminate) and lose its structural integrity. If not repaired, it can quickly cause more roof damage, worsen leakage and lead to an expensive roof deck replacement.

Inspect the roof for leaks as soon as possible to protect the roof from further damage. Call a local roofing contractors in Dallas Tx.

Damage to your attic, roof, and electricity

If not repaired immediately, the leak will enter the home and cause further damage. Insulation in the attic and walls can become saturated and cause significant damage. Paint and plaster on ceilings and walls can stain, bubble and peel.

Even electrical systems can get wet. A leak may cause wiring corrosion and possible short circuits.

Damage to Drywall

As the water collects on the roof, it will eventually run down the walls along the levels of the house. Once soaked with water, the drywall will expand and get worse. This can quickly ruin the entire wall. If a leak reaches this point, you will need to replace large areas of drywall to repair the damage.

Mildew and Mold

Mold and mildew can be a problem for your home as well as your health and your family. Once the water gets inside your walls or under your floor, mold spores can start growing in 24 to 48 hours.

These organisms thrive in dark, moist environments where leaks usually occur. Once established, the organisms will feed into your home until they dry out and absorb the wood. Your house is not in danger. Fungi and mold can also cause respiratory and other health problems in people living at home.

Structural Damage

Water can damage the structure of your home. If a leak is not corrected quickly, wooden beams, roof joists and wall frames may rot. This is a major problem that may require major restoration.

Finally, the foundation of the house could also feel the effects of a leak. Water can penetrate into the soil under your home’s tile and affect its stability. This can cause it to move and crack, so it is best to contact a roofer in Dallas, TX.

Physical damage

Water damage can destroy your entire house and its properties. It can be a slippery slope, from a slow, isolated leak affecting your entire house. If you do not act quickly, a leak may leak through the roof on the walls, and eventually reach your belongings. Anything in the fabric, furniture, rugs, gutter damage, flooring, and water passage is unsafe when the leak is allowed to spread.

Call the local roofers!

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