Characteristics Of An Exceptional Yoga Teacher

6 Characteristics Of An Exceptional Yoga Teacher

A vital aspect of yoga teacher training is the teacher. They have a considerable influence on your yoga practice. Whether you practice Hatha or Vinyasa yoga, every teacher has a separate teaching methodology that makes a yoga session unique and fun. Some yoga teachers become your lifetime friends while some avoid their students after completion of yoga training.

Do you ever think as to what characteristics or qualities a yoga teacher possess that earns them the honor of being known as a yoga guru? What contributes to them being popular not just among students but also amongst other yoga teachers? Remember, the definition of great and exceptional differ from one yoga student to another. However, certain qualities always apply to the best of yoga teachers.

6 Qualities Of Exceptional Yoga Teacher

Given below are six qualities that make a yoga teacher stand out from others.

Connects With The Students

A yoga teacher with a warm and friendly attitude towards their students in the class always becomes an object of appreciation for others. If you are someone who can make anxiety and worry disappear from the student’s mind, you have won half the battle to gaining their trust.

Moreover, a teacher who is open to discussing everything regarding yoga without bringing their ego in the middle is always preferred by those willing to learn this sacred art.

Has An Open Mind

To become a yoga guru, you as a teacher need to understand that every student is a different story in themselves. Therefore, if you can accept that difference and adjust the yoga practice accordingly, soon you become an instant favorite in the yoga learning circle.

In short, you have to develop an open and accepting attitude to understand the needs of your students regarding yoga practice.

Effective Communication

For you to stand out from the rest as a yoga teacher, clear and precise communication is the key. Your ability to communicate cues during the yoga session would help students understand what to do next.

Remember, as a teacher, you are equally responsible for the correct physical movements of a student during the yoga session. Here you can use visualization to explain to the students about how they should start, hold, and exit a particular yoga pose. It is what helps your students prevent an injury during the session. In short, clear communication equals effective and safe yoga practice.

Being Mentally Flexible

Although physical flexibility is a great add-on when you are a yoga teacher, you also need to be mentally flexible to earn the badge of a yoga guru. With mental flexibility, you adapt the yoga practice according to the needs of the students with the right cues and guidance.

To become a great yoga teacher you also need to have a clear understanding of body movement and change the yoga practice to suit the needs of your students.

The Attitude

Although there are multiple systems to assess the qualifications of a yoga teacher. You might have countless hours of yoga practice attached with your name, it does not mean you are a great yoga teacher.

The art of yoga has so much to learn and teach. There are breathing techniques, asanas, philosophy, yoga literature, and complete knowledge of human anatomy. Therefore, like every instructor, you as a yoga teacher have to be sure about what you teach to the students and also be willing to update the current yoga knowledge.

Promote Self-Care & Positivity

Communication with your students during the class is also an exchange of energy. Hence, it goes without doubt that as a yoga guru it is a must to carry positive vibes. This creates an environment of sharing and comfort for new and existing students in the yoga session. In return, the students give their best attempt whenever you are there to teach yoga.


Do you wish to make a difference in yoga student’s lives? You must adopt all the six characteristics described above in your being to become a yoga guru.

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