Web Development Myths

6 Web Development Myths That Are Ruining Your Business

The internet has taken over every prominent business industry nowadays. Your business either has to be on the web or it won’t get the sales leads at all. A well-built website integrated with active profiles on various social networking sites is all you need to get your business up and running smoothly on Google. While setting up a social media account can be easier than a child’s play, website development is quite the contrary.

Most businesses try their hands-on technical DIYs in the initial stages of online setup to save a few bucks on professional services, but that somehow backfires. The DIY attempts of website development aren’t the only consequences of lack of awareness. There are several other misconceptions associated with web development services that you will learn about in this post.

Web Development Myths that Affect Your Online Business

Web development myth 1 – Anyone can develop a business website.

Most people believe that they just need to buy a domain and a hosting service to kick start their business website. Interestingly, it is one of the most common misconceptions related to integrated web development services in India. Setting up an online business might be trickier than you have ever imagined. There is a broad gap between setting up a WordPress blog and customising an entire business-oriented website.

Popular platforms such as Wix and Godaddy are the reasons behind this web development myth. While these platforms can be a feasible choice for initial arrangements, it’s not efficient for the long run. Those who have already tried these DIY web development tools find it hard to operate a one-page website with multiple elements at the same place. It may save you a few pennies now, but you will eventually need professional web development services to upgrade your business website someday.

Web development myth 2 – Website development takes a lot of time.

Website development does take a significant amount of time, but that does not mean that it is the trickiest thing in the world. The duration of the website design and development procedure pivots on the type of business you are willing to run online. All you need is a reliable service provider for all-inclusive web development services who knows and understands the domain efficiently.

Most businesses don’t acknowledge the fact that every minor change related to the functionality and feature update consumes a lot of time. This form of upgrade also affects the website development costs of an online business. A requited partnership with an eminent web development firm can save you both money and time at the same time.

Web development myth 3 – Web development service providers should be from the city.

Just because you have a business established in the most crowded region of Mumbai city, doesn’t mean that you can’t hire a web development company in Delhi. Your criteria of focus should revolve around the quality of services and adherence to your business needs. In this digital era, hunting for a service provider in the same city is nothing but an absurd expression of skepticism.

Web development myth 4 – Website development is a one-time setup.

Indeed, website development is a one-time setup, but only for those who just want to create a web page and then forget about it. If you are serious about your business website, you will look for genuine means of development and final deployment. This popular stereotype comes from the lack of familiarity and inability to adapt according to advanced digital technology.

Web development myth 5 – Web development CMS should be entirely customized.

Do you know that you can create an amazingly customized website without building it from scratch? Web design and development customization are essential for accessibility and proper functionality. This doesn’t imply that you must formulate the basic CMS of your website from the very beginning. Popular platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and Prestashop come up with in-built features and options that reduce your efforts of website development and navigation setup.

Web development myth 6 – Web developers tackle everything.

Most businesses expect their web development service provider to tackle each and every aspect of their website which is entirely preposterous. Even if you hire the best web development company in India, their professional team will need to know your preferences. Besides this, the customization and final website deployment will always depend on how you want your online business website to be.

These are the most common website development myths that affect the performance and existence of your business online. An overview of these myths also unveils the essence of choosing reliable web development services in India.