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7 Crypto Dice Game Sites You Earn Currencies to Your Wallet

Dice games are a favorite of everyone from childhood. Everyone loves to play this board game in their spare time. Due to the high fever of these games, the traditional outlook was revised and designed in digital format to play on smartphones.

The dice games’ functionality keeps evolving over time and now the outlook and theme are inspired by the crypto casino which lets the users play these classic games and earn cryptos. The game is easy to play and understandable. You can find the dice games over the play store and app store but for now, we are suggesting the best 5 websites where you can play such crypto casino dice games.

Crypto: Earn Huge Bonuses On Top 7 Trusted Casino Dice Game Sites


Access VIP perks, bonuses, and cashback through gaming & gambling activities on the Stake website. The website receives huge traffic from Indian web users. The website supports 12 languages and 8+cryptocurrencies and coins including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, catecoin, etc. To get access to this website control to register with personal and KYC details.


Like its name, Trustdice is truly one of the reliable websites to play crypto casino dice games. The site contains selected games and all are wonderful and fun to play. You can access any variations of games listed on the homepage of Trustdice. To experience the fast-paced functionalities and control you can shift to the live version.

Trustdice is the competitively best-performing website in this bitcoin dice games domain that leverages the superb quality of gaming controls, accessibilities, and bonuses including live chat also to connect with other participants.


You can practice gambling and betting activities over this website by playing dice games, sports, and other casino category type games and earn cryptocurrencies to your wallet. Bonuses are confirmed to win with the easy-going interface. The website maintains a good position in this domain.


To play Bitcoin-based dice games on this website you need to register your profile and own the space. Once the account is verified you can access the homepage and simply design the user interface of this game.

Primedice also offers some promotional activities and a VIP pool facility to its players to extend the additional accessibilities of the game. You can engage your friends and loved ones on this gaming platform and ask them to get involved with you and earn bitcoins money. Players can access the fun of dice game without any fluff.


The name defines the layout and purpose of this dice game website. The outlook makes sense to every user and lets you play games efficiently. This site helps the players to earn all sorts of cryptocurrencies during the game like bitcoin, cat coin, Ethereum, etc. On each victory, users will get the chance to access the cryptocurrency/ fiat currency in their account for this website

Players can also hit the jackpot which is a combination of 6 digits, including the referral program. If the player will refer this game to the contacts it will let them access 0.03% bets. Players do not feel any convenience or technical issues on this website.

Except for jackpot, referral program, and simple singing, there is no other way to earn fiat currencies but that’s too makes this site amazing and top the charts of dice games.


IA person who is not intersted in the casino or playing casino games and only wants to access classic dice games just access this site and play the game with a simple gaming mechanism.Despite the absence of blackjack, poker, and other casino accessibility-based games. Duckdice has something to offer and earns virtually a weekly lottery.

If luck favors the player then the gift lottery package can be unboxed with a six figures prize. To access lottery prizes, first players need to have a ticket that is available for just $0.1.

The site offers 20+promotions with the prize money and users can easily strengthen their financial condition within a definite time span of promotions.


Luckdce follows the concept of a hybrid game access model that facilitates the users to play simple dice games. Casino-themed games like poker, blackjack, and other great options. Lucky dice supports both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The gaming environment is accessible in a slow-paced and fast-paced game environment.

People can earn additional free spins to extend their playing action time. The users have a chance to earn 9000x cryptocurrencies over this casino dice game platform. To earn additional coins access other games offered on this website.

If gambling doesn’t excite you and want to have the feel of a casino in a safe & fun environment then this website is great to access no deposit bonuses and crypto coins.

  • All of the above-mentioned crypto dice game sites are great but if you are confused prior to your interest. Do you want to play simple classic dice games or want to explore other options to access promotions, bonuses, and casino jackpots?


Before registering to any app or game site users should read the rules and regulations mentioned on the webpage so they can save themselves from any inconvenience.