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7 effective home remedies for best hair care

Do you love heavenly hair? Every girl has a common dream of long and healthy hair. Beauty and cosmetics industry know the fact that’s why they produce hundreds of shampoos, conditioners and soaps for hair care. Coupon.ae supports shoppers in affordable shopping. It provides Vogacloset coupon code to anyone looking for unimaginable discounts on several hair care products. How to take best care of your hair? We are explaining the matter in a few tips. Girls must remember these tips.

Egg treatment:

Do you egg is a best conditioner for hair? Girls with brittle and dry hair should apply the egg whites on head to moisturize the hair. Leave the application for 20 minutes and you can continue household activities such as cooking, cleaning or washing clothes. This is an easy but effective tip. Apply this conditioner once a week and notice the positive results.

Keep the head clean:

Whether it is dandruff or head lice, you have to keep the head clean. Ignoring these issues leads to itchy scalp. Dandruff is a common reason for hair fall. Men or women struggling with regular hair fall should consider this tactic. It will slow down the itchy scalp as well as dandruff. Buy some quality shampoos to get rid of these issues. Use Vogacloset coupon code and search top anti-dandruff shampoos in beauty category.

Say “No” to hot water:

Hot climate is a consistent part of life in UAE and other Middle East countries. Shower of hot water is dangerous for your skin and hair. It kills the skin cells leading to accumulation of dead layer. This turns into dandruff and harbors the harmful microbes. On the other hand, hot water shower is a common cause of brittle and dry hair. It may remove the layer of protective oils on hair and scalp. Get a shower when the water is cool.

Bottle gourd treatment:

Take bottle gourd extract and use it on hair. Keep this application on hair for at least 30 minutes. Perform all your daily tasks or routine works without any tension. This simple beauty tip will do wonders within no time.

Mix honey in conditioners:

Do you love shiny hair? As a matter of fact, it is a dream of every girl. Buy quality conditioners with Vogacloset coupon code and mix honey (2 to 3 tablespoons) in it. This will make a thick solution helpful to keep the hairs wet for longer. Remember, honey has anti-aging features.

Baking soda therapy:

This simple item would be present in your kitchen. Add 3 tablespoons of baking soda in water and apply on hair after applying shampoo. Rinse the hair thoroughly and let the therapy work for 5 minutes. Give it a final rinse and wash the hair.  

Avoid frequent hair wash:

Washing the hair frequently is not good for health. It removes the protective oils and damages the hair growth. Instead, you should wash the hair once or twice a day especially in summers. This will help removing dust and dirt from the hair.