7 Things you should clean out from your closet this year

 Most women’s closets are overflowing with clothes, but they are clueless about what to wear each time they open it. Women often get carried away and end up shopping for unnecessary items that they don’t require from the best online boutiques. They have a flair for trendy bags too that they cannot resist. It ultimately results in the cupboard almost vomiting clothes as it screams for some space. At least once a year, we need to curate our wardrobe, to keep what we utilize consistently. It not only helps to get us into the capsule wardrobe trend but is the best way to have a neat and easily accessible wardrobe. 

Women are often too emotional and possessive about their purchases. Have a big heart and purge these 7 non-essentials from your wardrobe to make it clutter-free this year.

1) Repetitive apparels- duplicate items

Duplicate pieces occupy space and, it gives the same feel each time you wear them. Undergarments and t-shirts can be considered as exceptions. What made me buy the same piece? This thought crosses the mind when you look at a similar display on the bed. It does happen with all of us, our tender minds tend to become forgetful when we go shopping. We sometimes get so carried away when shopping with friends or looking at the discounts that we end up buying similar looking apparels.

Now it’s the time to control your emotions and get rid of the ones that may be a little lagging in your favorite list. Or you can keep the recent purchase and discard the older ones. No matter what may be the reason or circumstance, make a mental note to avoid repeating the same mistake and wasting your valuable money.

2) Oversized or undersized pieces

We love certain pieces when we buy them, but sometimes destiny is against our will. Either they end up shrinking in the first wash and become too short. Or we opt for girls plus size clothing and never come around altering them. But imagine wearing these clumsy outfits outside? You are going to make people mock your fashion sense.

 Now quality clothing is a mark of a stylish persona and, a proper fit is what carves an impression. Either the misfitting apparels must be altered or, you can toy with the idea of gifting a brand new piece to a family or friend. If neither option works well for you, it’s time to donate it, my friend.

Many times the situation is reversed. Due to fluctuations in body weight, we may be unable to wear a designer outfit from trendy boutiques online. At such times, we need to check for options that can make these pieces wearable. And having flexible clothes that can be adjusted is the key to avoid such nuisance in the future.

3) Worn out clothes

We love keeping stuff, assuring ourselves that we may need it sometime later. It is the rule of thumb; whenever we think of discarding something from our wardrobe. Some of our worn-out bras and home t-shirts are in rugged conditions; yet, our heart cringes when it’s time to say goodbye. I know what you are thinking; what difference does it make to wear them at home? Dear friend, it’s this thought that makes your wardrobe seem fuller, not letting you find the right outfit at the right moment. 

But what’s the point in wearing something that you are shy to wear in front of others. Moreover, these clothes, no matter how comfy they may seem, do nothing but to make you feel dingy. So with a heavy heart, we urge you to get rid of them as soon as possible.

4) Outfits that you loved and wore a thousand times

Every time I clean my closet, I have a few pieces lined up in the corner. It may be a lovely dress I wore on my 18th birthday or a pretty gown that my aunt gifted me. I look at them with fond memories of the occasions they were worn. I do regret the fact that I don’t wear them much these days.

 Maybe they were worn too often or have become out of style. Well, if you want to doll up in one of these swank pieces, you will have to recreate outfits to make it look stylish. Or the other option is; bid farewell to your affections as well as your clothes.

5) Clothes that are beyond repair

Do you drop food on your t-shirts? Is the rim of your t-shirt torn? Are there any loose buttons? These are some issues that we face. You can deal with these problems, but if the situation is grave, beyond repair, like an iron burn or tear in the garment then you need to give up on these pieces. If you want to wear them, get the repairs done immediately. Or maybe next time you clean your wardrobe, you will yet find it sitting in one corner waiting for your attention. Ensure that the repairs would be worth it and you would be wearing the outfit.

6) Anything untouched for a year

We sometimes grab apparel at a glance from clothing boutiques; but, when we come home, we are doubtful of our choice. On some other occasions, when we try an outfit, our image in the mirror is not the same as we thought when picking up a piece. Another major problem we face these days is ups and downs in body weight. How many such pieces of clothing do you have that you did not wear in one year? The probability is that you may never wear them ever again. If you are convinced that these pieces are useless for you, it’s time to move on a let someone else reap the benefits.

7) Miscellaneous

Have you collected loads of t-shirts, tote bags, or hats that have logos and adverts all over them? Do you have shoes that hurt when you wear them or skinny jeans from school days? Dump them at once, for God’s sake. You will never wear them and, they will just be sitting there eating all the space.

Final Words:

Do you keep other absurd items like ski goggles, swimwear, dancing shoes, etc. in your closet? Keep them elsewhere as you won’t need them regularly. It is best to keep them out of the way to make more space for routine stuff.

With all the subtractions, a panic attack may strike as you feel you have nothing to wear. You can rest assured that now your wardrobe has the only quality and essential pieces of clothing. Next time you are out there shopping, remember what you had to discard last time you were on a wardrobe cleaning spree, to save yourself from unnecessary stress and worries. Paisley Grace is the best online boutique that offers a range of options to its customers. We have multiple styles and sizes that can save you from spending your valuable money.

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