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7 Tips You Should Follow As A Beginner Yoga Teachers

From learning yoga philosophy, yoga history to practicing numerous body postures, there is a lot a yoga teacher training offers you. Luckily, there are a lot of yoga teacher training programs you can choose from by enrolling in one of the Yoga Alliance certified yoga schools. Although the thought of sitting in a classroom filled with strangers might be a bit uncomfortable. However, this does give you a chance to make new friends and develop the confidence to teach yoga.

Moreover, as a young qualified yoga teacher, you might feel a bit confused about how to proceed with the yoga class which might lead to numerous awkward moments. You might worry the students will find out you are new and trust you less when it comes to yoga practice. Whether you have done the beginner 200 hour yoga teacher training or taken advanced classes, remember, even new students experience the same anxiety as you.

With that said, let us take a look at how you can make the most of your first class as a new yoga teacher.

7 Tips To Follow As A New Yoga Teacher

Don’t worry if you are new to teaching yoga! Given below are seven powerful tips to make the first yoga teaching class a fun experience for you.

Don’t Forget Own Practice

Unfortunately, many yoga teachers get so engrossed in teaching yoga that they ignore their own yoga practice. Remember, becoming a yoga teacher is more of choosing a lifestyle rather than changing your job to earn more money. Always set time for personal yoga practice.

Start Small

The most important tip you should keep in mind is to always teach a small class of students. You can also try a few sessions with your friends and family to receive feedback. Try giving out a free yoga class whether it is at a park or the beach. The main goal is to teach as much as possible to gain maximum experience.

Develop A Network & Find A Niche

Simply completing your 500 hour yoga teacher training does not make you a great yoga teacher. You need to form a solid network with the teachers and students. Spend time in the market to find which areas of yoga you can excel in. It is what helps you stand out from the rest.

Yoga experts recommend you should choose yoga niches that do not have too much competition. For example, you can learn Kriya or Acro yoga styles to possess a unique skill set.

Rehearse For The Class

To become a great yoga teacher, you have to develop a proper sequence for the yoga class. Moreover, it would do you a lot of good by practicing the same sequence before you teach it to the students. Keep a recording of this practice session as it helps you find and correct any errors. Notice the tone of your voice and use of your words, these should match the persona of a certified yoga teacher.

Share The Philosophy

Since you have become a certified yoga teacher, it is clear to you that yoga goes beyond the physical practice of body postures. This is the same concept which you should teach the students to help them understand that rushing through the yoga poses is never a good idea.

Yoga gurus from around the world recommend you start the yoga session with a simple meditation session that calms your mind and prepares the body for practice. This will also help you understand your role as more of a guide than merely a teacher. Enroll in a 200 hour yoga teacher training to learn the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Keep It Slow

With yoga, patience is the key to success. Your lack of mental clarity and patience are always visible to the students in your class. Develop some patience when it comes to helping your students get into a particular yoga asana. It is the best way for you to not just teach physical yoga to students but also give them a chance to embrace this new lifestyle.

Form Genuine Bonds

Always pay attention to every student in your class. It does not matter whether they are experts or at the beginner-level. Be there for anyone who might need help during the yoga session. As a yoga teacher, it is your responsibility to understand the individual needs of each student.

Moreover, be open to questions, be kind with your response to those questions, and form a lasting relationship with your students as a yoga teacher. You should enroll in 500 hour yoga teacher training to learn everything about the sacred art of yoga and become a certified yoga teacher.