7 Vastu Tips for Kitchen

7 Vastu Tips for Kitchen – Dos & Don’t for the House

The kitchen isn’t just another corner of your house designated to perform daily activities in the house. It is certainly the most important room in the residential setting because it contains the principal source of prosperity in the house. Some of the most trusted Vastu experts in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR contemplate that the energy in the kitchen affects the entire house and people living in it.

In this post, we will look on to some Vastu tips for the kitchen that address the common dos and don’ts of kitchen arrangements:

  • The placement of the kitchen is the foremost element of Vastu Shastra for the kitchen. Ensure that the positioning of the kitchen is not around the prayer room of your house. Kitchens right above or below the bedrooms and toilets also don’t go well with the Vastu setup of the facility.
  • A stove, gas burner, or any heating appliance should not be placed near the entrance of the kitchen. Keep a distance of at least 3-4 feet between the heating appliances and the main gate of the kitchen to let all the negative vibes move away from the ambiance.
  • East, west, and the north directions are safe for pointing to the entrance of the kitchen. On the other hand, the north-east direction is considered bad for a place where you prepare meals. Vastu consultants in major cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, & Noida state that the directional overview of your kitchen brings an influence on the entire family.
  • Similarly, the southwest direction for your kitchen can cause disputes amongst the family members. The northwest directional kitchen can adversely affect the financial state of the house.
  • As per the Vastu Shastra tips for kitchen from the best Vastu consultants in Delhi NCR, north is the least advantageous place for kitchen. It might even subside the peace and prosperity of the house members.
  • West and south directional facing during the meal preparation can result in recurring health problems and monetary issues. Hence, these directions should be clearly avoided while you are cooking in the kitchen.
  • Even if you are remodeling your kitchen according to the latest interior patterns, don’t use black or other dark colors for the floor and the walls of the kitchen.
  • You can either choose the southeast portion of the east part of your kitchen to place the main slab where you will keep important stuff. In fact, this is a significantly suitable selection for placing the stove. You must make sure that it is at least 1-2 feet away from the walls.
  • Your designer kitchen can bestow a lot of benefits if you select an L-shaped platform for your kitchen. This way, you may be able to fix the microwave, juicer & mixer, and other essential things in the same range.
  • The sink of your kitchen will do fine near the northeast corner of the kitchen. Vastu experts with scientific experience claim that it is a symbolism of detoxification. Sink represents the removal of unwanted energies and therefore northeast direction is best suited for it.
  • Orange, green, and ombre shade patterns in floral prints on the tiles will look absolutely stunning in your kitchen. The best part is that it will add a sense of positivity and goodwill to the meals you will prepare in your kitchen.

These are some common Vastu tips for the kitchen that you can take into consideration while remodeling or rearranging your kitchen according to scientific Vastu Shastra. For further help, you can also consult a professional Vastu Shasta consultant. Manavv Chawla is one of the best astrologers in Delhi NCR offering services such as Scientific Vastu, Numerology, Career & Vedic astrology.

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