8 Sites to Make Animations in the Style of Hand Writing and Drawing

Discover 8 Sites to Make Animations in the Style of Hand Writing and Drawing!

A lot of people send me a message and ask on my YouTube channel what I think of the sites for Creating Animated Videos Online.

So, I decided to do this article listing 8 Sites or programs for Animations in the Style of Hand Writing and Drawing, also known as Whiteboard.

1. Explaindio Video Editor

This program allows you to make animated videos in different styles.

  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Explainer
  • Doodle Sketch
  • Whiteboard
  • Motion Videos

Just follow 3 simple steps to create your video:

  1. Choose an Object or action to start
  2. Edit with your message and custom effects
  3. Export to your computer and share it with others!

If you want to know more details and features, you can read the complete Explaindio Review.

2. DoodleMaker – Whiteboard Videos

DoodleMaker is a very good site to make animations with characters and the effect of handwriting. However, this platform is premium, which means that you need to purchase a license to use it fully.

But I’m warning you, that DoodleMaker’s resources are very good. You can make amazing, professional videos in just minutes.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a cartoon expert. You can use the ready designs of the platform.

I really like this tool, because, besides everything, it offers an easy and simple studio to edit the animations in the style of characters and hand drawing.

3. Progur Animation Tool

The Progur Animation Tool is a 100% free Online Animation tool. You can create Animated Videos in the Style of Handwriting even without having any knowledge of the subject.

The site is in English, but it is very simple to operate. Just add the text or image you want and play to watch your animation.

The resources are very limited, as it is an online application still under development. But you can already do some interesting things. For those who cannot afford to invest in a paid tool, this can be a good option.

4. Animatron

Another very cool tool is ANIMATRON. In this application, you have the option to assemble your animated videos with your little hand in 2D style.

In the other options mentioned, the hand is real. In the animatron, the video is even more animated, since the hand effect is already in 2D lol.

Animatron Whiteboard style animations are very interesting.

Whiteboard animation is a process in which a story is drawn on a whiteboard. Originally, artists recorded themselves while drawing on a whiteboard. This style of animation has proven to be so engaging that it is now hugely popular with animators, marketers and educators.

You can also use it for free and create your account smoothly. However, it will suffer some platform limitations.

5. Render Forest

Yet another interesting option is the Render Forest. In the description of the site it says the following:

FREE ONLINE WHITEBOARD VIDEO WITH ANIMATION – Ever wondered how to tell stories in a more creative way? And the animated characters doing this for you?

Whiteboard animations are the best way to tell impressive stories in a simple video.

And now creating whiteboard animations is easier than ever with Renderforest. We present hundreds of ready-made scenes and cloud-based tools to create your videos online. Effortlessly and with pleasure.

The RenderForest website has a structure all in English. This can be a great differentiator for those who have difficulty with Spanish. It also has a Free Good plan for everyone who wants to start creating online videos.

6. Powtoon

For those who follow me, you know that I also really like Powtoon. If you are new to this animated video creation tool online, you are wasting time.

Creating animated videos on Powtoon is very simple and practical.

The platform already offers many animated images, with effects, all ready for you to start animating.

Like most others mentioned here, you have the option to create a free Powtoon account, but with some limitations.

In PRO plans you have access to virtually all images and you can export your video without the website’s watermark. This is really cool for those who want to make more professional videos and even make money from animated videos.

7. Rawshorts

This online animation website has been gaining a lot of space among whiteboard video editors.

The functions are very similar to Powtoon, and you can also create a free account to learn about the features and create videos with simpler modules.

It also offers hundreds of templates, images and music ready for you to add to your videos.

8. Videoscribe

If you already follow my channel or my blog, you know that I am a number 1 fan of VideoScribe. For me this is the best option for Making Animated Video on Whiteboard – In the style of Hand that writes and draws.

The difference with VideoScribe for most of the features on this list is that this program is installed directly on your computer. You download and start creating amazing videos directly from your PC.

Videoscribe offers thousands of ready-made images for you to work on and make your professional animations, even if you have no idea where to start.

You can download the application for free and try it for 7 days to know all the features. Then, you need to purchase a full license to continue working with your videos.

I highly recommend VideoScribe to anyone who wants to create a YouTube channel, animated sales video, animated video classes, advertisements, vignettes and much more.

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