8 Stereotypes About Custom Boxes That Aren’t Always True

Custom boxes represent a brand. The wide range of customization makes them the most favorite in the eyes of the brands. By using charming color pallets and distinctive themes, companies compete with each other. Digital, screen, and offset methods are available for the printing of this packaging. These methods allow a fine layer of printing on the boxes. They are made desirable by adding embossing and lamination. T. High-quality manufacturing material provides them an exceptional strength. Many stereotypes are circulating about them that are not true. This article will help you explain the stereotypes you have to ignore about them.

Nobody cares about packaging: 

Wholesale boxes are available online at reasonable prices. It is a common stereotype about these packages that customers don’t care about them. This is wrong and baseless. Packaging is the first thing your customers will interact with when they receive the product. In today’s world, people put detailed videos about their experiences with the products and unboxing. It is baseless to say that your customers don’t bother with the quality of packaging. When they enter the stores, they prefer to choose the packages with the best qualities. 

They do not provide protection: 

Custom printed boxes are sturdy in appearance. It is a common misconception that they do not protect the product. It is not true at all. These packages are resistant to heat, moisture, and falls. Manufacturers are aware that these have to be shipped from one place to another. They make them highly protective. The manufacturing material provides resistance against the changes in the weather as well. When food products are present in these, their quality remains intact. The changes in the external factor do not destroy the quality of the food item because of the durability of the packages.  

These are not sustainable: 

Another stereotype about these packages is that they are not sustainable. This misconception has no ground. Manufacturers are using eco-friendly materials to make these boxes. Companies are aware that the image of their brand will be affected if they use plastic. These packages are recyclable. They use minimum carbon footprints. The need for the utilization of natural resources is cut down. These packages have biodegradable properties. They do not create any toxic waste.

Their prices are high: 

This is a common misconception that these packages are expensive. People think that customization will take excessive charges. This is not true. You can avail of the custom packages at reasonable rates. When these boxes are ordered from wholesale options, their prices get reduced considerably. Many times companies offer promotional discounts to gain more customers. You can easily buy them from these offers as well. The customer loyalty discount and vouchers help people a lot in buying them at affordable rates. Sales around the start and end of the year are also a genuine way of getting your packages at budget-friendly rates.

Printing quality is not good: 

The quality of the printing achieved on these packages is amazing. This is false news that these packages do not provide good printing qualities. Manufacturers use the latest methods of printing. Screen and offset printing are commonly used for these packages. Digital printing is famous for providing smooth printing qualities. Exceptional color models such as CMYK and PMS are utilized to create unique blends of colors. The printing details of the products and company are easily readable by the customers.

They do not help in branding: 

It is wrong to say that these packages do not help in branding. The purpose of customization is to create a unique identity. With the exclusive printing qualities and best themes, your products easily stand out in the market. The presence of the logo and display details increase the visibility of your products. Many companies add contact information to gain the trust of customers. All of these factors help in reaching out to more customers.

Designs and styles are ordinary: 

This stereotype has no basis. Customized packaging is popular for its exquisite designs. From adding a die-cut window to utilizing packaging inserts, these boxes are the best. The room for designing and styling your products is always open. You can choose different shapes and unique sizes as well. It is your choice to even add accessories to make them look more attractive. Companies buy this packaging to create a unique identity for their products. It is useless to believe in this stereotype.

Colors do not compel customers: 

This is the biggest false assumption about these boxes. Colors represent the product. Experts always recommend using relevant colors in the packaging to increase visibility. If you are to use them for food packaging, you can go with green and blue colors. These colors increase the temptation. If these packages are used for the safety of hemp products, you can use green color. These colors help the customers in identifying your brand. The colors compel the customers to buy your products. They trigger the minds of the customers and help in the buying decision.

Custom boxes have exceptional strength and are resistant to heat and moisture. Many stereotypical assumptions are going on about them in the market. These stereotypes include things such as customers do not care about these packaging. And the colors do not attract buyers. These are baseless myths. Customized packaging is helpful in branding because of its unique colors ad themes. They are also sustainable, and they protect the products as well.

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