9 Different bags that will help you make a style statement

9 Different bags that will help you make a style statement

Is there any woman who doesn’t love a stylish bag? Whether it’s a simple purse or leather bag, it keeps women satisfied as these bags can set a style statement. A bag is a great accessory as it gives utility with style. They hold our day to day items and provide a shield to our valuable and non-valuable items with polished looks, which is why women love to carry bags.

Every woman wants to look good, and the bag you picked up with your dress and admires by someone about your fashion sense makes you feel good. Not only are these bags different and versatile but high on a style quotient too. Curious? You must. The bag is the most functional and important accessory, but it’s overwhelming what to buy right for the perfect style statement. Let’s make it easy for you and explore the best different styles of bags for women

1. Envelope clutch bag 

The clutch bag comes with a flatlock and suitable for any dress you wear. If you love clutch bags, then this envelope style should be your first priority. This type of bag looks great with any color. Try out this trendy neutral color diamond design bag, which gives you a minimalist look. Once you start using this bag, you will find yourself carrying it on every type of occasion. Large area space is available so you can store your key essentials easily. 

2. Crossbody bag

As we all know, the crossbody bag is the perfect choice from day to night. These types of purses give you freedom of movement while keeping your things close to you. It is trendy because of its practicality, style, and flair. Crossbody bags come in many colors but opt for a neutral color or unique designs so that they can work with any outfit. A good crossbody bag has a sturdy strap so that you can adjust it as per the size you want. Opt for medium size as too small will not be that functional, and too big can overwhelm you.

3. Shoulder bag

Shoulder bags have a sophisticated and sporty appeal. It’s a perfect bag for daily routine. It means to carry on a shoulder, and it has a feature of a zipper and pocket to keep our essentials and make access easy. Try out these textured fabrics with fringe design on front. The options available for these purses are in range; they depend on your style, budget, and taste. 

4. Chic tote bag

A tote bag is a bag that every woman needs to own. It is high on space to stuff things around and also makes you look polished and professional. If you are an office worker and want to carry it at your work, then why not. If you carry a laptop in the office, then this is definitely the bag for you. If you are not carrying much stuff, you can still opt for this bag as it is lightweight and stylish.

5. Scalloped purse

If you want a crisp, smart bag, you can opt for a scalloped purse, which makes women look stylish and presentable. These scalloped purses are mandatory when you are planning to wear anything floral. This is a very chic style, and intricate designs on the edges and on the side make the bag look more attractive and make a fashion statement like no other.

6. Satchel bag

This is the essential workhorse bag; it can hold almost everything. A medium to large handle bag can keep your book, tablet, and you can add your makeup pouch too. Try to choose a neutral color like a dark brown or black so that stains won’t be noticeable if you have any. Also, don’t opt for a bag that has more hardware or printed logos as they dull down your look.

7. Sling clutch bag

Sling bags are never out of style. The fantastic combo you can have with a sling batch is a clutch. If you want to try something beyond regular style, then play with slings of the bag. It is changeable. You can go for a belt style, or go for metallic sling would be a perfect choice. You can pair it with a party dress for an elegant and stylish look. Its glossy sling makes the bag look so attractive. 

8. Cute backpack

The backpack trend is at the peak. It is popular due to its functionality. Backpack purses are easy to wear and carry a lot of stuff and make our hands free from holding. It makes us live the moment freely without worrying about carrying a bag everywhere. If you have a plan with your friends or going for an adventure, then a backpack bag is a must as it makes you enjoy it thoroughly. Cool backpacks are famous in teens as they find it very comfortable to carry.

9. Push-lock bag

A push-lock bag is a classiest and trendiest bag you can ever own. Every woman will love to have this tooled push-lock bag. The lock style is not the latest trend, but they are fantastic with a tooled style purse. It gives elegance and simplicity and is perfect if you carry it on any special occasion or attending a wedding. It is a very different style bag, so you can not use it every day while hanging out. Keep it for special events.

Wrapping it up : 

When it comes to stylish handbags or cute backpacks, there is a lot to choose from. Here we have tried to show you the best and unique designs bags you can fill in your wardrobe from spurs shops. They all are different in their own style and functionality; choose your style and which fits best for your dress. Many options are available at the boutique from crossbody bag, clutch bag to a tote bag. 

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