9 factors to keep in mind when building your own website

9 factors to keep in mind when building your own website

Businesses must have a website. It is common for consumers to “google” the company first before making a purchasing decision. If a consumer fails to find your business, they will reconsider their decision. To avoid that, you must invest in an excellent online platform. We have compiled a list of nine factors you should priorities when building an online platform so that you can specify your needs when approaching a website development company in Jaipur. No jargons or buzz words have been used to quickly understand and make an intelligent decision.

A Fast Website

Human beings have the tendency to choose ease over quality. Since everybody is used to fast speed, an internet user will happily choose your competitor’s online site over yours if your internet site takes a long time to load. The provider of top website development services keeps this in mind and optimize your online site to load faster. 

Aesthetics matter

Do you like to spend time in a dull room or a well-lit room? An average person would prefer to spend time in a well-lit room because it elicits happiness—similarly, the branding of a business and, by extension, their internet site matters. There are higher chances of consumers choosing your brand if the aesthetics and branding elicit happiness. Colours are proven to psychologically pursue you to feel a particular emotion. When selecting your website’s colour and tone, choose colours related to joy, calm, and peace.

Quality Graphics

Colours matter, and so do the graphics of an internet site. If you choose to use stock and generic pictures, your internet site will feel low quality. Instead, you should choose a high definition and pretty photographs. It may sound superficial and insignificant, but it makes a difference. If you are not deliberate with how you project your online platform to your consumers, why should they invest their hard-earned money buying your products? Also, keep in mind that using too many graphics and texts can make your internet site feel crowded. Avoid clutter on your website and keep it minimal and to the point.

User Interface Matters

Would you spend time on the packaging that takes forever to unpack or on the less complex packaging? Latter would be a preference for the majority of people, too—user experience matters. If a user comes to your internet site and finds it hard to locate the information, he/she was seeking, then there are chances that they might leave your website due to frustration. Keep user interface in mind when you are developing your website.  

Voice Search

Every app and online site is keen on introducing voice search on their platform. It is a good idea to introduce voice search on your platform too. It prioritises the user interface and allows a good browsing experience. Since internet users are habitual of voice searching, thanks to devices like Alexa and features like Siri on the iPhone, voice search is a valuable feature to add to your website too. 

A free tool

Is there a tool that will ease the process of making decisions for your consumers? A mattress company has made a free tool called sleep time that allows anyone to calculator when they fall asleep to wake up on time without feeling groggy. It’s a simple tool that has helped the brand to increase brand recall. If you can think of a free tool then, add it to increase brand recall.

Short Forms

InsightSquared was able to increase its conversion rate by making a small change on its internet site. All they did was remove a few fields from their forms, and they saw a jump in their conversions. Why? Because a consumer can feel intimidated when they have to fill a long-form. Moreover, it causes a feeling of suspicion when forms ask for information that is not relevant to the product or service the user came to purchase. Shorten your forms to decrease the bounce rate and increase conversions on your website.

Contact Details

An important aspect that may seem insignificant but builds trust for your business is adding contact details. An address and a phone number in the internet site’s footer make the company feel legitimate and non-scammy. It reassures the consumer and makes them trust the brand more.

If you have decided to get an internet site for your own business, you can approach the top website development services offered by a website development company in Jaipur.

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