Saudi Arabia

A Complete Guide to a Fun Weekend – Saudi Arabia

Previously Saudi was only open for the workers of the oil industry but now people can easily plan a weekend trip to Saudi Arabia without a doubt!

Even the oil workers were not allowed to visit all the places around the country, but everything got changed from 2019 when Saudi opened its gates for the international tourists and allowed them to pay a visit and enjoy the serene beauty of the place.

Getting a visa has become very easy and extremely fast. One can easily apply for a visa online through the easy to use the portal and get their visa online.

How to apply online for a visa to Saudi Arabia?

As we all know that due to this pandemic everyone is focusing on being digital rather than physically going and applying for anything. So it is very easy to apply for a visa for aweekend trip to Saudi ArabiaFollow the simple steps:

  • You have to open
  • In the website, names of the eligible countries are given
  • Create an account and sign in
  • Fill in the visa application form
  • Pay the required E-visa fees using net banking
  • Receive the visa online by email.

So, if someone is planning for a weekend trip in Saudi Arabia, they can spend a lot of time there as the visa allows up to 90 days to enjoy the serene beauty of the place.

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You must be wondering that what is it like to plan a weekend trip to Saudi Arabia then this article will be your guide.

Every place around the world has their taste & culture which is different from others and should be respected. So, while you plan a weekend trip to Saudi Arabia, you can maintain the following guidelines to mean no offence to them.

  • The best time to plan a weekend trip to Saudi Arabia is summer (Nov-Feb)
  • Book your hotels online before the visit that would make your trip easy. You can try online hotel bookings in Saudi Arabia through Eilago to get great deals on hotels, flight tickets and much more.
  • Men & Women should wear traditional clothes and try to stay covered up
  • Carry your reusable bottles for water, tea or coffee because using plastic is a huge issue there.
  • A mandatory is sunscreen as the sun is fierce and who wants to get badly tanned during a weekend trip in Saudi Arabia!
  • An Arabic Phrasebook is again necessary as google translate won’t help you there as English is not much spoken there.
  • The public transport is limited even among the cities within Saudi are around 500kms apart, so travelling can only be done by rental car or by bus. For bus related queries, during your weekend visit to Saudi Arabia,you can check out the SAPTCO website.
  • STC, Mobily, and Zain are the three main operators also there is 4G almost everywhere.

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