A-Z about Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor Examples

In this developing era, things are changing fast. Daily life activities are getting smoother with the help of technology. However, along with the positive effects, there are opposite reactions as well. For example, in the recent survey, it was observed that the crime rate is increasing tremendously. To tackle the crime situation, various laws have been enacted to control the increasing number. However, to define a felony is a much-complicated process.

Crime is a local phenomenon. It gets interlinked with the economic conditions. Countries where the financial growth is low and residents are struggling to survive record high crime rates. On the contrary, a state with excellent economic stability shows a lower rate of crime.

Various crimes take place in hectic daily life. It is starting from the minor, leading to the worst. Every crime has its consequences or punishments. This punishment may vary depending on the seriousness of the crime. The offense has been majorly categorized into three types, i.e., infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Let’s discuss all these categories in detail and get a brief idea.

Category of crimes


It is a primary crime in which the person has broken the minor rule of law. Under this category, the most common offenses are traffic violations (depending upon the intensity), littering, drinking in public, operating a business without a valid permit, etc.

The punishment charged under this crime is minor compared to other categories. The offender got fined, and No jail punishment got granted.


Misdemeanors are crimes of a lesser degree regarding punishment. They are designated as intense compared to the infraction. But it is less severe compared to a felony. Therefore, it acts as a mediator between the crime and felony.

The common misdemeanor includes possession of drugs, petty theft, perjury, trespassing, low-level assault, DUI (Driving under Intoxication /influence), etc.

As you have noticed, the magnitude of the crime is low compared to a felony. But the punishment given under this category may vary depending upon the crime severity. The offender can be given less than or equal to one year of jail. They get punished by serving in the community service, probation period, or heavy fines. Read more on misdemeanor Examples right here.

There is a probability that the misdemeanor can be upgraded to a felony and punished accordingly.

Furthermore, a misdemeanor gets divided into various classes

Class A

A high-class or gross misdemeanor is considered a crime of a higher degree. Gross misdemeanor includes offenses such as molestation, harassment, catcalling. Under this category, depending upon the magnitude of the crime, it can be upgraded to a felony.

Class B

It can be termed as an ordinary misdemeanor. The intensity of the crime is lesser compared to a gross misdemeanor. It includes offenses such as pick-pocketing, shoplifting. The charges depend upon the seriousness of the crime scene.

Class C

Petty misdemeanors are known as class C. As the name suggests, the crime level is shallow, and the penalties charged are basic fines. The most common cause of petty misdemeanor is a violation of traffic rules.


It is considered a crime of high seriousness involving significant crimes. The felony is the most serious criminal offense under which severe penalties are charged, such as over one year jail or lifetime jail. It also comprises the death penalty. To know more in detail about felonies and define felony, [kindly click on the link].

The most common example of felony crimes is rape, murder, burglary, arson, and kidnapping.

What should you do when you are caught in any such crime?

You must hire the best attorney who can tackle the case on your behalf. The attorney, through his expertise, will help to gather proof to prove you are not guilty. Even if found guilty, he will try to get the low penalties charged against you. 


It is the natural tendency of human beings where they make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are enormous and considered crimes. These mistakes can intentionally or unintentionally occur. The crime is a severe offense, and one should avoid taking such actions which can harm others or themselves. If you are caught in a crime, it is advised to hire a qualified attorney. They will guide or help you tackle the situation and get out of it without significant effects. Again it depends upon the intensity of the crime.

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