Skills of a web developer

Academic skills of a website developer possess

Being an ideal web developer is not a cup of tea. It needs years of experience in publishing your skills or abilities to be the one for whom the client will readily agree to pay the price he is demanding. A good developer should not only know the aspects of advanced web development but he should also have the required knowledge about the basics of website designing. Because at some point in time, website development and website designing become interrelated.

Fly media Technology, the best website designing company hires web developers that have all the skills which are mentioned below:

Visual design

How can the importance of visual design be ignored? As it is the only asset on which the client judges whether the developer has the skills to build a good website or not. Not only this, once the website is live, now based on the visual design the visitors will determine whether they are willing to spend the next few minutes on the website or not. So the web developer must have the quality to ameliorate the visual appearance.

User Experience

The experience of the user on a particular website is determined by the time spent on the website. The user experience does not only come about if the content is relevant, rather the navigation style and access to the required pages in less loading time also matters.

Know the use of the designing software

There is a lot of software that is needed by web developers to build proper websites like Photoshop, illustrator etc. So the developer should know how to use them.


Two programming languages -HTML and CSS is important for the development of a website. When HTML is used to design the structure of the website, then CSS has the potential to make your website beautiful with the use of the right colours and shapes.


If you want to get a hike in salary, then in case you are knowing the javascript, you can demand a good salary figure. Because having hands-on training on Javascript is just like an icing on the cake for the developers.

Other soft skills

Time management

Being a web developer, you have to accomplish several tasks within a specified period. For that, you should have a set schedule.


To make the client understand what you are saying, you need to have groomed communication skills.

Digital marketing

Since websites have everything to do with digital marketing, so if a developer knows the basics or even a little about digital marketing then it will be good for you only.

Do small business websites need maintenance?

Website maintenance should be done for every business type, be it small or big. Same as whether your car is Maruti or BMW. you need to get its services on a regular interval for smooth functioning. If you get regular maintenance, then it ensures that the website is safe and secure. In all, it will improve the experience of the users. A well-structured websites are important, but that does not mean you have the website and it is running. For website success, it is important to keep in proper maintenance and update it from time to time. This is what allows us to use it the maximum.


The websites are usually generated to promote the business. So the web developers should have understanding skills to grasp in their mind what is the nature of the business and how an efficient websites strategy can help to generate maximum conversions.

So for the best website development services, consider hiring the one who has all the above-mentioned skills.