Graphic Pen Tablet

Advanced Tips to Use a Graphic Pen Tablet

A graphic pen tablet is a significant part of a graphic designer’s life. To get the most out of your tablet you may try a few tips that we are mentioning here.

Learn these tips to become a pro of graphic pen tablet

Ues different type of nibs

To draw any type of design nibs plays a significant role if it will get damaged you won’t be able to draw. Nibs are generally available in four variants: standard, hard-felt, stroke, flex. For the perfect type of detailing, different types of nibs are used for different purposes. When you work with a hard-felt nib it feels like you are drawing with a tip-tip pen and when you use a flex nib it gives a different experience like pastels smooth design. 

Try to use different types of nibs so you will know which type of nib gives you the most comfortable and accurate designing experience. Also, you will get the knowledge of which type of nib is used for what?

Tablet Center position

To draw a perfect design you should hold or position the tablet-like center stage. Using a tablet-like monitor and mouse may be comfortable in your everyday life but it’s not right.

Shape Dynamics

Photographers spend their time setting the proper exposure of shades and lights in photos to specify the image’s quality, light and view. The technique is known as the darkroom technique. The graphic designers can use this technique inside the photoshop tool. The Shape dynamic tool gives full control to add some special effects to the image.

To find this functionality move the cursor to window> brush> shape dynamics > set size and roundness.

Along with this, you can make additional brush and pen pressure setting effects. You can try these effects on a blank document to get comfortable with these designing skills and functionalities.

Layer Masks

If you are using the Photoshop application, you know that the stylus has two pressure sensitivity modes on both ends. One is for removing the mistakes of images and another one to draw. Instead of using an eraser layer mask, it is comfortable to use and correct. 

You have a choice to modify the eraser with any other functionalities with which you are comfortable.

Shortcut Keys

In a graphic pen tablet, we get multiple customizable shortcut keys that make your drawing speed faster. Try to remember the shortcut keys, to cut, copy or shift the image it will make your editing and designing experience better than ever and after a few days of practice you will become a pro in using the tablet and its advanced functionalities by just pressing the keys and there is no need to use the cursor frequently for simple things.

Pressure sensitivity

You can adjust the tip pressure sensitivity to define the type of keystroke input. How much force you will put on the stylus to input the data into the tablet. The tip pressure sensitivity is adjusted according to the heavy-handed and light-handed. Are you getting the perfect grip on the stylus?

Right-click functionality

Are you working on a Mac or a Windows operating system?

You should actively use the right-click button. It gives you easy access to different functionality modes. To modify brush strokes, smoothness or hardness, size you can use the right mouse button. Using this functionality your designs will be done quickly.

Screen Mapping

Screen mapping is used to define the flowchart of different entities on a tablet. How will the pen interact with the tablet? What will be the ratio of the screen? You should set the screen and viewport to full mode.

Practice for perfection

If you have neither used a tablet for designing purposes you may be a little bit comfortable while working on a tablet. Passing hours and days your editing and designing skills will get improved on a tablet too.

An additional tip for graphic pen tablet users:

Work area essentials and posture

You may have to spend long hours to complete the projects before the deadline. The continuity and improper posture may affect your health and productivity. So, please choose a comfortable place to work on the tablet. Set a comfortable desk and chair set or you can do additional essential things needed at a workstation so you won’t feel tired.

Take small breaks between the tasks so your hands and eyes can relax.

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