Vijay Inder Singla

Aim to achieve rapid growth by PWD minister

Punjab is a state which is stepping on a gradual pace of development. There are a lot of gradual changes that one can witness in Punjab. The sectors which are going through the development phase are education, economy, employment, and so on. We all know that education is not within the reach of every child earlier but now even the remote areas of Punjab have an education system. All such changes are done with the help of the public welfare department. Without public welfare, the department has a firm grip over the development of Punjab is difficult. Therefore the public welfare department contributes a lot to the development of Punjab.

What pwd refers to and who is the minister of PWD?

The public welfare department refers to the Department that works for the social interest of the people. It provides cash assistance or provisions to the poor or needy people. Public welfare is temporary assistance to the needy section of society. The Public Welfare department focuses on different groups of the society such as vulnerable groups for old age people and poor people. They make sure that they are not deprived of the opportunities that are led by the government for their welfare. This job requires a lot of hard work and dedication because analyzing the needs of the people is not an easy job.  our PWD minister Mr . Vijay Inder Singla had better command over this job. He is a renowned personality. He Dedicatedly manages all the public welfare department works.

Why is the public welfare department important in Punjab?

The welfare department is really important in Punjab for its rapid growth rate. Punjab is in a developing phase and therefore it requires a department that focuses on every section of the society. And the public welfare department does the same. It acts as an important tool for social cohesion as well as solidarity. The public welfare department emphasizes diminishing social discrimination, therefore, maintaining social equality among every individual in society. It promotes the productivity of Punjab as well as economic stability. Public welfare provides financial aid to needy families and individuals.

What are the contributions of our minister?

Our honorable PWD minister Mr. Vijay Inder Singla contributes a lot to the development of Punjab. He launched several programs or schemes for the welfare of the people living in Punjab. He made old age homes for the senior citizens and provided financial support to them. Despite the financial help, he led to the construction of public sanitation, roads, and bridges. He makes sure that everyone avails the opportunity. He focuses on reducing the poverty rate in Punjab. The public welfare department of Punjab provides services such as meals on wheels, social assistance, and medical help to the needy. He promoted the good health of the community through the development of society. A Lot of people are included in PWD for its appropriate functioning. Thus a perfect leader can handle them all and that is Mr. Vijay Inder singla.

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