When it comes to sending or receiving large files with the help of internet, sometimes it can create a problem due to the overloaded size of the file, and low speed of the internet. Or even maybe even sometimes it may take a lot of time while sending those files. Just with the advent of technology and with every day inventions coming up, anyone and everyone can send or share bulky, or large files easily. Let us go through and list down the best ways to send large video files.

Best Way to Share Large Video Files

One of the ways of sending is by creating a ZIP file. One can easily create a compressed ZIP file with the help of various compression tools. ZIP file makes the actual file look compressed so that once its created, it will be much easier to send or share large video files to the other person. There is a very popular concern, that is raised when it comes to sending large files because, Google and Yahoo have a 25MB limit, but these are not only the ways one can send files.

Using Firefox Send Option to Share Large Video File

Firefox Send is one best way to share large video files. It is a free transfer service that lets any individual share a file from any browser on the PC. If you sign in while sending or sharing a file, then it allows files of even 2.5 GB to get transferred. And if you do not sign in then it can allow a maximum up to one GB. Whenever a person sends a file using this, the recipient always receives a link which would help the recipient in downloading the file.

The files sent are also protected from the point one sends it to the point it opens. To send a file through Firefox send, one can browse to the Firefox send page and can sign in and send the file. This is the best way to send large video files for free.

One of the most attractive features of Firefox send is that it can also be password protected when it comes to confidential files which needs to secured; and anyone who receives the link to download the file needs to know the password, in order to have access to that particular confidential file.

Also, when one upload the files to Firefox Send, the service will encrypt the data and generate a link that can be shared. Multiple files are uploaded and packaged into a ZIP archive.

Like Firefox Send there are many other ways such as using a file transfer site like WeTransfer, which is a third-party file transfer site.


With the advent of technology and with new innovations coming up every day, one can easily find different way to send large files online.

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