Astrological Significance of Alms on Makar Sankranti

Festival of harvest and joy from which everyone starts New Year is Makar Sankranti also known as Til Sankranti. This Hindu festival astrologically marks the transit of planet Sun into Zodiac sign Capricorn.

In 12 months, Sun transits from one zodiac sign to another making some satisfactory or unfavorable planetary combinations. The first day when Sun comes into new zodiac signs refers to Sankranti. Since Surya transfers into Makar Raashi on 14th January every year (sometimes 15th January) this day is known as Makar Sankranti.

This day holds a deep importance in Hindu mythology. On this day Lord Surya Dev visits his Son Lord Shani Dev. Though both have conflicting relationships but Lord Shani Dev welcomes his father with pleasure and this day strengthen the bond of father and son.

This day also signifies the victory of good over bad. When demons established distress on Prithvi Lok, Lord Vishnu chopped their heads and buried them under Mandara Parwat. Victory of Lord Vishnu over Asuras marks Makar Sankranti as another historic day.

Significance of donation on Makar Sankranti

According to Hindu Astrology, Makar Sankranti marks the day when Surya enters into Makar Raashi (Capricorn).

Ruler of Capricorn is Shani (Saturn). Sun and Saturn are enemies and makes most terrific planetary combinations. Thus, to reduce the inauspicious effects of enemies’ amalgamation some items are donated. 

Also, if one is having any doshas in birth chart then on this day by donating few articles negative impacts of doshas can be minimized. Talk to an astrologer to get astrological remedies.

What articles should be donated on Makar Sankranti

Donating articles with intentions to get something in return is waste. Offering should be made with pure mind and soul. Also, if one is not capable of doing donations then he must worship god with reverence.

Here is the list of few items one can donate to gain blessings –

  • Donations of food items

Hinduism has great importance of Anndana (donation of food items) It gives fruitful results. Jaggery and sesame seeds can bring bright future to you. Feeding green fodder to animals especially cows gives fruitful results. People can also organize community meal for poor people.

  • Donation of Woolen clothes and blankets

As Makar Sankranti falls in winter, granting woolen clothes to needy and poor people is considered very auspicious. With this activity you can end the struggle of poor people and please Shani Dev. Blankets can also help in survival period of strugglers. Ease life of such people by offering food and clothes.

  • Donation of Metal Utensils

Distributing metal utensils in families by sprinkling Roli and Rice is suggested by astrologers. As per Vastu Shashtra too, donation of steel and metal items brings positivity for donator.

  • Gifting Kites

This is not an astrological donation. But Makar Sankranti is festival of kites. Giving kites to small children especially to needy ones will spread happiness. Through this activity you can please god and bring cheerfulness in your home.

This festival spreads the message to unite and live happily forgetting all the bitterness. Donating above mentioned articles will bring prosperity to your home throughout the year. Offer every article with custom and pure mind. Know the rituals to be followed on Makar Sankranti.

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