Benefits of Dental Implants Dublin

A good smile is undoubtedly the most attractive feature one could have. There is no doubt about the fact that missing or decaying teeth not just look unattractive to the eye but also do not feel good. For this reason, people with teeth issues tend to have self-esteem issues as well. For years, there has not been a proper solution for tooth problems like a missing or broken tooth, some kind of injury or periodontal disease. The solutions available for these problems were never long-lasting. With the introduction of dental implants in the world of dentistry, there has been a wave of relief and happiness among the patients.

You now no longer need to worry about any type of dental problem because nothing is impossible in the world of today. Also, there is nothing that cannot be treated. Whether you have crooked teeth since childhood or broke your teeth in a football match, do not worry at all! You need to book an appointment with a dentist that offers dental implants Dublin. Visit the dentist, talk about your problems, and how you want it to be fixed. The doctor will provide you with his suggestions, and with mutual agreement, you will reach the best possible solution. Only your dentist can decide what type of implants you need and how long your procedure will take.

Dental clinics in Dublin provide you with a wide range of dental facilities to help you lead a happy and healthy social life. They not only give you the best solutions for your teeth problems but also solve them for you with economic procedures. Their patients leave the clinic with bright smiles on their faces which is the proof of their expertise and finesse in our discipline.

So, what are dental implants?

The basic use of dental implants is to provide you with a fix or removable tooth implant that would match the color and shape of your natural teeth. The roots of these “new” teeth, as some may call it, are also attached to the implants making the foundation stronger and more reliable.

Why should I get dental implants Dublin?

 Many patients tend to ask their dentists what is in dental implants for them. The answer to this question is very widespread and thorough, for there are a great many advantages of getting dental implants with regards to your appearance as well as your mouth’s health and hygiene. 

  • With dental implants Dublin, your smile automatically looks better and brighter. It hides any imperfections that you have and makes your smile look complete.
  • These implants are long-lasting and so save a lot of money that you would spend on your teeth. They fuse with the bone, and after a while, they start feel real too.
  • Some people go for poorly fitted dentures which makes it hard for them to form their words while speaking. They often end up slurring their words or producing incoherent sounds. That could be quite an embarrassment, and with dental implants you can save yourself from that.
  • Dental implants Dublin are convenient and easy to handle as they do not require you taking them off every now and then.
  • Mere acts such as eating and drinking cold or hot foods also becomes way easier. You do not worry about your food being stuck in your dentures as well and can eat freely.

Should I take extra steps to clean my new teeth?

Mouth hygiene is one of the most important things that people usually tend to ignore. Whether your teeth are new or old, implants or real, you need to take care of your teeth very vigilantly in order to avoid future problems. Brushing twice a day, flossing your teeth before bedtime and using an antibacterial mouthwash are some of the steps that can help you keep your teeth and gums healthy. Other than that, if you have genetically weaker teeth or any other problems with the gums and teeth, you may eat vitamins or food that will strengthen your gums and teeth.

What if my Dental Implants Dublin fails?

Fear of failure is very prevalent among people who come forward for dental implants Dublin. People usually ask, what if their implant fails and does not sit right? Happy Dental Dublin has a success rate of 98% when it comes to tooth implants. Tooth implants, in general, are also very successful and effective too, depending on where they are placed. So, worry, not! Tooth implantation sounds very serious, but it actually is an easy and convenient process.

How long is this procedure approximately?

The surgical process for the placement of the dental implants lasts for usually 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of the situation. The fitting and fusion of the implants take six weeks to a month, also depending on how fast the implant takes to adjust. All of the procedures are not painful and can be done easily.

Do they put you to sleep during your surgery or you have to stay awake?

 Many people fear anaesthetic procedures and think it will harm them. The case is exactly the opposite. Anaesthesia is given to the patient to help ease the pain and make them feel numb to the procedure. As dental implantation is a surgery, you have the choice to either stay awake through it or tell your doctor to put you to sleep through anaesthetic medicines.

What foods can you eat and not eat after your dental implant?

After 24 hours of the implant, you may remove the gauzes from your tooth and eat foods that are soft in texture, so you do not have to chew a lot. It is also advised to not eat or drink anything which is very hot. Use of straws is also said to be avoided. As your gums are healing from the incision made through them, it is advised to take all the necessary precautions that your dentist tells you to take.

Do I need to take any medicines after my dental implant?

In some cases, your dentist will suggest you take some sort of antibiotics in order to avoid the risk of infection in the gums and teeth. In that case, sometimes an antibiotic would be suggested for a couple of days. This mostly depends on your teeth condition and the tendency for an infection to develop.

To check if you are developing an infection, notice for redness or swelling of the gums. In most cases, the early stages of the infection are reversible and can be treated. So, keep taking care of your dental implants and visiting your dentist regularly.


Dental implants Dublin is the process of getting a new tooth. The reason why you need an implant depends on your dental health whereas in some cases an accident or a recent fall can also cause you to have implants. So, whether you want dental implants intentionally or you have no other option, you are in luck, because dental implants in Dublin are just a single call away. You need to call a dentist, book an appointment and consult everything in the first session. After that, a regular treatment process will start, and in a matter of a few days, you will have perfectly fine, aligned, bright and shining teeth.