Natural deodorant

Benefits of Natural Deodorants for Environmental

Natural deodorants are more than good for your body; They are better and more natural!

This article covers all the benefits of using natural, aromatic spices and planetary seasonings.


It is safe

Natural deodorants like rock crystal deodorants are very safe to use. Natural deodorants do not contain chemicals and other ingredients that can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. Natural deodorants are often recommended by many health professionals for those with sensitive skin, children with body odors, and patients with breast cancer, due to their natural and wonderful nature.

Controversy has raged over the safety of standard deodorants and deodorants, and it has been suggested for some time that regular use of deodorants may be linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. However, it is important to note that although this is the opinion of some medical professionals, there are no studies to date that have fully confirmed the risks of using these products.

It works

Natural deodorants are very effective in fighting body odor. Many natural deodorants contain anti-bacterial ingredients, such as tea tree oil or mineral salt, to prevent the formation of odor-causing bacteria. As you already know, sweat is not a cause of bad breath. Instead, the bacteria that break down and break down sweat are the reason for this unique scent. Natural deodorants are often more effective than other common deodorants because they not only mask body odor but also help prevent it from occurring completely.


Natural deodorants are very economical and when used as directed they can last from six months to a year! This is convenient for your wallet and our world as it reduces the number of packages used and wastes disposed of except for medicines that only last for a month or two.

For the Planet:

Without chemicals

The use of natural ingredients in all-natural drinks means that no harmful chemicals enter our ecosystems, our production, and our usage. Some chemicals are known to release carbon emissions during production such as mineral oils. Some chemicals harm wildlife and plant health when they enter the environment; Triclosan and formaldehyde, for example.

When chemicals are applied to deodorants, they usually enter the environment during the production process and continue to leach into the environment when used. For example, aerosol cans deliver chemicals to the environment around us, but real problems happen when we shower. Bathing or showering removes any chemical residue from deodorants and any other cosmetics from your skin, all the way to the drainage on the seafloor, where it is known to cause serious damage. Below we highlight only two criminals:

Aluminum Chloralhydrate

This is an active ingredient in many antiperspirants, and it works by closing the pores under the armpits to stop sweating. It is a known water pollutant and can harm the ecosystem and wildlife.


Triclosan an antibacterial agent used in many cosmetic products. Over the years, this chemical has increasingly accumulated in our streams and rivers.

Other chemicals include parabens, formaldehyde, diethanolamine, and mineral oils.


Regular deodorants are usually stored in aerosol bins – their metal is rarely reused. In the UK we get millions of scented bottles per year so a lot of the packages can get rotten in a pile of rubbish.

Fortunately, many natural deodorant companies are environmentally friendly. Therefore, many of the packaging that these companies use are recycled because they use recycled plastic packaging. Some companies prefer to use other recyclable materials, such as cardboard, to store and ship goods. If you want to make sure the deodorant you use is really gentle, you can contact the company directly to find out where and how to get their packaging.

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