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Benefits of Toll-Free Numbers for Ed-Tech Companies

Since the Coronavirus pandemic struck us, schools and other educational institutions had to be shut down and students restricted to their homes. Eventually, e-learning became the most in-demand requirement for all sectors across all institutions. There are plenty of educational platforms and apps these days to facilitate education through the internet. These platforms are referred to as edtech companies. They use several tools and technologies to get connected with their customers; one of them is a toll-free number.

Toll-free numbers are no longer considered luxurious options for businesses. Edtech companies use these numbers to remain in the competition, prove credibility, stay connected with the students and faculty, and resolve student queries promptly.

In India, any virtual display number beginning with 1800 is known as a toll-free number. Multiple phone numbers are usually mapped behind one toll-free number. The incoming calls made on the toll-free numbers are free of cost. So, the callers do not have to pay anything to call on these numbers.

Mostly, toll-free numbers are confined within a country. Calls from across the border cannot be received on these numbers. However, there is no regional restriction within the country on these numbers. On toll-free numbers, businesses can only receive and forward calls on the numbers that are already connected to them. They can’t make outgoing calls from these numbers.

Benefits of Toll-Free Numbers for Ed-Tech Companies

There are several benefits of the toll-free numbers, and some of them we have discussed below:

1) Delivering Prompt Student Service

Customer service is an imperative aspect for every business, including Edtech companies. No matter how huge your clientele is, it is essential to resolve their issues timely. Delay in issue resolution can make students unhappy. A toll-free number allows the customers to connect with executives directly and to get their issues resolved without any delay.

2) Displaying Credibility and Professionalism

Edtech businesses have to prove their professionalism and win customers’ trust. A direct business contact number may sometimes be unreachable and fail to offer a call-back facility. However, the toll-free number can eliminate all of such possibilities and assist the customers in the best possible way, even during non-business hours. The businesses can prove their credibility and professionalism by reflecting their availability through a toll-free number.

3) Increasing Future Portability and Scalability

Edtech businesses, working for faster growth in the future by increasing customer base and team size, may need to adopt all basic requirements. There can be 2 or 20 numbers mapped behind one toll-free number. As the incoming calls are routed to the mobile phones of the executives, so their work can become mobile as they can handle calls with more flexibility.  So, the ed-tech business can anytime expand their team size or move from one place to another place, without changing their toll-free number.

4) Gaining Competitive-Edge Advantages

Branding is one of the most important benefits of toll-free numbers. When a business chooses its toll-free number, the most likely feature is the reliability and accessibility of the number. These features can help businesses remain ahead of their competitors. Every business wants to build trust or credibility, and a reliable toll-free number service will help in this regard.

5) Marketing Campaign Tracking

Many marketing campaigns flash their toll-free numbers to encourage customers to call them to know more about their service or product. Through toll-free numbers, you can not only increase the chance to get a call from your customer but track and analyze the effectiveness of the campaigns. Ed-tech business owners can conduct product or service surveys and collect instant customer feedback as well.

Final Thought

Toll-free numbers are the perfect customer engagement and tracking solution. These numbers can directly affect sales and customer satisfaction. Ed-tech businesses can build their brand reputation and long-term customer relation by getting connected through toll-free numbers. The caller can make free-of-cost calls, without thinking twice before making the call. These days some vendors or toll-free number providers in India are also offering cloud-based toll-free numbers that are capable of tracking the effectiveness of the product and gauging customer sentiment.

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