Best B2B Marketing Strategy For IGTV


A new video platform that transformed Instagram is IGTV. Here anyone can post videos as same as that on Instagram. IGTV is accessible from within your Instagram account through a simple click. It has a standalone app that provides more convenience for other cross-platform users. The length of the videos is extended to 10 minutes for regular users. Verified users are allowed to post video length up to an hour. IGTV is similar to that of a television channel where you can tune to the accounts you follow. Vertical orientation is the plus in IGTV, which creates a user-friendly interface for mobile users.

Key IGTV Stats:

Consider some hard data before you integrate IGTV into your strategy. Some of them are 16% of marketers reported to have IGTV, and 18% of people are watching IGTV contents regularly. Many B2B companies are leveraging IGTV since it plays a tough competition with Youtube. The IGTV button on Instagram marks the evolution of the app’s design. Naturally, most people find their IGTV videos in previews, explore, suggestions, etc. The hidden logic behind this strategy is any marketer can promote the brand or service from their Instagram profile. The internal profile link of the IGTV channel on Instagram drives traffic from the followers they already have. 

Instagram Audience:

Though IGTV is new to the people, new users have more possibilities to adopt the new platform. Statistics say that there are billions of active users on Instagram every single month. However, the gender mix is pretty even on Instagram. On average, an Instagram user spends at least half an hour per day watching stories and sharing videos. Business firms are keen enough to post stories about their product or brand. IGTV is the best tool related to Instagram Marketing. So, it is very particular to select your audience. As a whole, keep in mind that your target B2B marketing audience should meet the Instagram audience to receive organic engagement.

Types of IGTV Business:

IGTV may provide a successful method to connect your target Instagram audience with no risk. Follow different types of business that will make your audience learn something new. Knowledge about your product might be a unique idea to promote your brand. Create videos in vertical format and post them as episodes at regular intervals. So that your audience may connect with you as you schedule your videos. IGTV is a personable way to express your long business stories. Share each and every prospect of your business behind the scenes. Publish the videos as a series to get more views and likes. You can enhance trust by acquiring Instagram TV likes to encourage your videos to be discovered by a broad audience. IGTV benefits from an encouraging host. Something powerful on your hands is a charismatic spokesperson from all races and backgrounds.  

B2B Marketing Strategy:

Give your followers and audience the reason why they should watch your video. Make your videos exclusive on IGTV. Videos anyway can live pretty much online. You can increase your views by creating preview videos for 60 seconds. Create weekly and monthly installments so as to make it viral. Be clear in stating your brand or business name while making videos for IGTV. Use images with your same brand color to aptly reach your audience. Create a relationship with Influencers that is a reliable option to succeed in B2B marketing.  


Instagram supported videos on its platform for many years. Then you may have a question about why there comes a new platform, IGTV. It is an exclusive feature that brings in all-new methods of video marketing. Videos are the most essential feature in a marketing strategy. It is an easy way to connect the audience visually. IGTV imposes the same factor that marketers are particular about.